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  1. I'm sure someone will have a solution for you. I haven't done it recently but you should have an option to open a file/program in "Compatibility Mode", including Old XP versons. Possibly read through this link;
  2. I shocked most of the people at Lowes on Sunday when I drove home with a 30 Gallon Hot Water heater in mine. Should have taken a picture.
  3. Sign up 1. Liz & Glenn 2. Bill 3. Larry & Gail 4. Ron & Dot 5. Wild! 6. Todd 7. 8. 9.
  4. SIGN-UP 1) Bill 2) Ron & Dot 3) Larry & Gail 4) Ralph 5) Liz & Glenn 6) James 7) Todd 8) 9) 10)
  5. Good point. With that said, I'd be concerned about using the brass ones in the ignition.
  6. I've considered this but have always wondered about the battery sitting in -20 and lower temperatures for several weeks in a row or for that matter, all winter.
  7. I'm looking for a couple of key fob cases with blades for my CDI 450. My cases are beat up but the electronics are fine. I know there are numerous previous posts for different on-line sources and opinions about quality. Has anyone recently acquired any that were decent quality and shipped to Canada? If so, from where? Or, if someone has acquired some and will sell 2, please let me know.
  8. I agree with "Leadwing". Glenn installed my oil pan heater 3 years ago and my '05 CDI has always started on the first cycle of the glow plugs..........even during the last 2 weeks of -15 to -20 parked outside.
  9. Sign in : 1 - Ron & Dot 2 - Liz & Glenn 3 - Larry & Gail 4 - Bill 5 - Bob 6 - Dave & Lu 7 - James 8 - ToFu (trying to make it) 9 -
  10. Ya', I switched to my winters 2 weeks ago and it was painful. The ride is rough and loud. I already miss the summers, although the winters have already been put to use this year.
  11. Sign in: 1 - Ron & Dot 2 - Larry & Gail 3 - Dawn & Janet 4 - Bob 5 - ToFu 6 - Liz and Glenn 7 - 8 - 9 - 10 -
  12. PM Smart142; Sometimes he has a few kicking around.
  13. SIGN-UP 1) Bill 2) Larry & Gail 3) Ron & Dot 4) Wild! 5) Liz & Glenn 6) Alberta & Denise - late arrival 7) Lurker & Lu 8) Dave Thomas 9) Sharon & Doug 10) ToFu 11) 12)
  14. Good suggestion Ron. Personally, I've been using an oil pan heater for 3 winters on my '05 450 CDI. I find it makes a big difference. It only warms up marginally faster, but it starts considerably easier &quicker on the coldest mornings. Always starts on the first cycle of the glow plugs. Plugged in for 2-3 hours first thing in the morning is all it takes.
  15. Yes, Glenn is definitely "The Smart Whisperer". Glad to hear it all worked out. Also glad to hear you visited our local Soup "Hot Spot".
  16. Welcome to the Club. I know exactly what you mean about Smiling. "Sally" and I have been together for over 3 years and she always cheers me up. It also helps to have 3 sets of panels and 3 sets of rims and tires to mix things up.
  17. Nice.........I think I'd rather have an 8 track player than the stock radio I have now.
  18. Welcome to the Club. You have definitely come to the right place for "useful information". Don't forget to post some pictures of your "Smart".
  19. Absolutely Incredible! I've been wanting to upgrade my system moderately but I've got to come with a solution for my muffler first.
  20. Welcome to the club Excellent advice from "Uncle Glenn"; mine seized when I left it parked at the airport over Christmas for 2 weeks.
  21. Uncle Glenn replaced "Sally's" emergency brake cables on the weekend. Also replaced both front sway bar bushings/linkages (name).
  22. FYI: For the "Juicers", if you are not familiar with Dino's...........there are 2 Level II charging stations on the side of the Woodstock Hydro Services building on Whites Lane. A mere 736 ft. from Dino's.
  23. Sign in 1. Ron & Dot 2. Larry & Gail 3. Janet & Don 4. ToFu 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.
  24. Had "Sally" prepped up yesterday for the warmer weather. Oil and filter change, Air filter change and the usual full mechanical check. Panels were changed from her "Phat Reds" over to her "Bay Grays" along with her newly acquired Passion Wheels.. Mucho Thanks to Uncle Glenn for all of the hard work. I think that I may have a hording issue now that I've got 3 sets of panels: White, Phat Red & Bay Gray along with 3 sets of Rims & Tires; Steels, Pures & Passions.
  25. Ron & Dot, We just had our Easter dinner bumped from Sunday to Saturday. Very Sorry that I can't make it out to Belmont now. All the best for this momentous occasion. Best Regards, ToFu.