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  1. My 2014 ED is still going strong -- but is just approaching 50,000 KMs. I've have to replace the front rotors and pads -- should have been more attentive to brake maintenance. Will also have to replace tie rods soon. Apart from that the car is doing well, with no noticeable battery degradation.
  2. I actually bought the Free2Go system. I've used it 4 times so far and it works well -- it holds a single bike in place securely. The good thing is you can remove and stow the thing (in a small box that can be kept in the car). The bad is that you pretty much have to remove it every time it is used (at least if you park in non-secure areas). For occasional use, it's still not a bad way to go. I'm looking at replacing some of the straps (or adding quick-release buckles) to speed things up a bit.
  3. My car hasn't been temporarily bricked in the cold at all this year, despite a few < -20 days. On the coldest days it refuses to fully charge, however -- gets up to about 95% and then stops charging. I've seen that a few times in each of the past 3 winters. When the temp warms up it goes back charging up to 100%. Sadly, the car is outside all the time, charging with 110V.
  4. I've found that a strong headwind on the highway (or a tailwind) can make a huge difference to range. Also just a gut feeling, but I think one 40km trip in cold weather will chew through less power than several shorter trips that add up to 40km -- especially if the battery sits and gets cold again between trips. Don't know if any of that applies to you what you experienced.
  5. The heated seats in my 2014 Smart fortwo ED warm up very quickly -- noticeably warm after 1 or 2 minutes. Same with cabin heat, though I don't use it much. The stereo and console clocks generally stay within a minute or two of each other after several months. Something about your car sounds wrong to me -- sorry I don't know enough to even hazard a guess. Maybe take it to a different dealer?
  6. I'm driving a 2014 ED -- the heater works fairly quickly, pumps warm air within a minute or so. So, I'd guess something could be wrong with your's. That said, I tend to bundle up and make do with the heated seats and use the heater mostly for defogging. Whatever it is, hopefully, it's a minor issue and a quick.
  7. 2014 ED with 32,000 KMs on it. No issues so far, except for one delayed start on a very cold day. Great little car if it fits your driving patterns.
  8. I got suckered into signing up with this FleetCarma project: http://chargethenorth.fleetcarma.com/ . The deal is they send you a device that plugs into the OBD port to track all sorts of data like - battery degradation, auxiliary power usage and more. Seemed like it would be worth exposing the car's data in exchange for easy access to it. Sadly they wrote back to say: "Your specific vehicle is not yet supported by the C2 device technology, support is just around the corner! We are actively working towards this, and we will keep in touch as we have updates." I'm guessing they probably won't bother supporting a 2014 Smart ED, but it may be of interest to some of you Bolt and Tesla owners. Said they are giving out a 1000 of these trackers.
  9. Ha! You beat me to posting the link, but thanks! It was a good episode.
  10. I've had this happen to me a couple of times in 2 1/2 years -- location just north of Toronto. I don't have a garage and make do with a L1 charger. It's an annoyance, but the car was fine after warming up for 10 or 15 minutes. Might be the same issue, but temps here are not as cold as what you are dealing with. Hope you get satisfaction from MB.
  11. Anyone else hoping to re-use the Smart battery cells in their own Power Wall -- when the car's driving life comes to an end.
  12. That's pretty sweet and I might make something similar for home. I mentioned this a while back, but for two years, I've been charging with the EVSE unit INSIDE the car with a heavy gauge extension cord coming out the bottom left corner of the glass hatch and the EVSE connector on the bottom right side. You can position the cables so they don't get pinched when the glass hatch is closed. In summer the unit gets a bit warm, but not dangerously so -- at least it has never failed. I probably wouldn't keep it in the care on a hot day full sunlight, but in parking garages and at home it works well. I just don't like leaving the EVSE unsecured. Maybe I'm playing with fire? I still kinda wish there was a secure EVSE holder underneath the car.
  13. Hi all. I'm using the EvAccess app to monitor charging. Lately it has been reporting charging power well above 3.3kw at a couple of places where I charge. It is currently reporting 4.1kw, but I've seen it as high as 5.9kw. I'm not sure if this value is read directly from the ED or calculated/estimated. I'm curious if anyone else has seen numbers that high? Anything to worry about? I'm just about to hit 25,000km -- car has been great so far. *Update* Turns out this was probably due to a wonky charger at York U. The car seems fine and I don't see how the power reported by EVAccess could have been real, given how long it took to charge. I saw this message on Plugshare: Rod
  14. Starting with a full charge, I've driven 80km over the past 2 days and should have enough for tomorrow's commute -- 34% SOC remaining. On a few occasions I've seen KMs driven plus projected range add up to ~150kms, but have never actually driven that far on a single charge. * Update * I ended the 3rd day with 123km driven and the battery down to 3%. First time it's been under 10% since I got the car. I stayed off the highways for these three days, so lots of stop and go traffic -- my speed never really went above 80. I think I could have gone quite a bit further on a single trip on open roads. This works fine for my purposes, but I'll envy anyone who ends up with a new Smart with a beefed up battery pack.
  15. Rough machine translation: The smart friends smartistas.com report that the fortwo electric drive as it is presented at the Paris Motor Show with a 88 hp / 240 Nm electric motor , like the Renault ZOE . This is the fourth generation back with something stronger than its predecessor , because it had 75 hp (and BRABUS 82 bhp) . 200km radius Underneath we find reportedly a new battery pack for the German Accumotive that up to 24 kWh capacity lithium -ion batteries from LG. They give the two-seater has a range of 200 kilometers , considerably more than 135 km from the current model. The Smart Fortwo cabrio and forfour also come as electric drive on the market, but what is the operating range of these two models remains to be seen . This autumn the first fortwo electric drive on the turn , followed by the other variants in the spring of 2017 .