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  1. Looking for Canadian rear fog pods light. I own coupe, but cabrio is okay. Same part #. Image marked in red. Need to be shipped to USA, PM me. Thanks!
  2. Yes Noticeable, boosts brings up faster than stock. Faster gear changes. Its same smoke like stock and smell.
  3. Some map versions are missing original file. Hope it helps. I tested only 365277 map for now, going to use it for a long period. Cheers for all DIY remappers!
  4. Hummm.. I thought higher version is better. I will post all maps I have.
  5. Yeah I think so, I only tested 365277 map, much smoother gear changes and power! I own two 450, 2004 CDI, and 2005 101 Brabus Ultimate.
  6. I am testing several maps now.. My cdi has 365184 version, looks like there are several other map versions. Can someone recommend one? I cannot test all of them! Its too many!! 351258 351364 351431 351583 351599 351696 351855 365184 365276 365277 365278 I have original file and tuned file on each version. Can I post at here?
  7. I own two smart 450. 101hp brabus ultimate 450, tuned to about 120hp. and 450 cdi... there is like three 450 cdi in here haha... This is my first diesel car.. I can remap 450 cdi but I don't know its good or not! Already have different versions of map. Woud like to hear some feedback on remapped cdi owners.
  8. Okay Thanks! I need to change thermostat
  9. My water temp gauge bubbles only two, even after 4 hours long drive. I checked with Star c4 diagnostics device, water temp rises up to only 69 Celcius. Is it normal? or Do I have to change thermostat? Heater and Pre-Heater works good.
  10. I am trying to make my own oil catch can for 450 cdi. I saw Tolsen's posts, There is no oil catch fitting hose size.. What is the size of hose? and does anyone recommends remap? Car is now 200,000km.. I can self remap, but would like to receive feedback on remapped cdi cars. Thank you!!
  11. Problem solved... Boost sensor, vacuum hose was unconnected!!! I can't believe that I had been riding like this for like 10,000km
  12. I am running 2004 CDI smart 450. Its really hard to reach 100 km/h now.. I used Star diagnostic device, there is no CEL or check light on. Lots of vibration at 1st gear launch engage. Is it injector problem? or fuel filter? maybe.. Turbo problem? Looks like my thermostat is broken.. Water temp rise up only two bubbles even on 4 hours of driving.. I am going to change it soon. Please reply! Thank you
  13. Running Smart 450 with 101hp engine from brabus roadster. I am trying to figure out this error.. has been over 10000km with this CEL. Its not remap problem, its tested on other car works nice! I changed new spark plugs and cable, new injectors, new map sensor, new air tem sensor, and new pcv valve. Still CEL on!!! I checked vacuum leak, there is no vacuum leak.. Is there anyone fixed this problem? Looks like there is too much oil coming from under breather pipe.. Do I have to clean breather channel...? I am new here but, really need help here!!! I appreciate all your replys!