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  1. In the summer I will resume the project. I also want to change the air conditioner radiator, the water pump and check the alternator pulley, maybe I will install the oil heater, a new intercooler radiator.
  2. Due to the impossibility of purchasing a functional wax element I mounted a Wahler 3146.90D. I begin to believe in conspiracy theory, since not even one wax element works . In the summer I will resume the project. Now it was the first time this year that I saw 3 points constantly. After my back pain is running, I'll put into operation the auxiliary heater. Thank you all for your opinions.
  3. Usual . Twice we climbed the hill (7 km, serpentine), twice was the thermal alarm. I removed the thermostat and tested the wax element. In hot water at 95C but ... nothing. We repeated the test but the same result. New defective thermostat! Now I'm going to buy another thermostat, but first check it out if it works. New AM thermostat faults (Gates and Meat & Doria). New AM thermostat for WV T5 defect. I think that only the thermostats that did not pass the test run are sold here. I still have a variant, a robotic drawer valve. I hope there's no need for the application to be under the car.
  4. Winter operation is correct, in the summer I expect great results.
  5. This time (in the test) was along a valley (9km). The last km was uphill but it did not matter because they were already three blob.
  6. Today I made a 10km test. I got 3 blobs in 8km. Condition ; -2C temperature, clean asphalt (wet),snowfall. The antifreeze level is the same, G11 antifreeze prepared at -31C. The real result will be achieved in the summer. Now there are only partial results .
  7. This thermostat has a Tolsen restrictor, the previous thermostat had the Tolsen restrictor added. Today I installed the engine thermostat, of course after fitting the angle grinder 7 times. The sealing of the engine block and the casing is made of silicone Reinzosil https://www.reinz-industrial.com/EN/PRODUCTS/Sealing-Compounds/REINZOSIL.aspx . With this material I sometimes sealed cylinder gasket ... In summer 2018 I changed a thermostat and kept close to the top of the Turzii Way Street (7km uphill). The street was created for rally but it is a European national road . I say a bit because it cracked at 500m from the top. Too much work and money, but now I know that no one has that. If it works properly. If not, then I will mount one AM / OEM. Costs: -1 1/2 hours workmanship -25 $ thermostat -1 kg antifreeze.
  8. And to me only two blobs do not. Excessive consumption, maximum pollution. Of course, it gets fast (~ 4km) to 2 blobs, but the accelerated engine warm-up program continues to 3 blobs ... I could fool the EDG by altering the signal from the B50 and the coolant temperature sensor. It's only theoretically possible, basically I do not know what results I get ... maybe I can confuse the computer system since the intake air temperature sensor says something else.
  9. In 100 km it gets warmer especially if I climb a long hill ... in 25 km it gets warmer and after that it is + 10C inside. The engine heats up to + 60 ° C and the heating program remains active up to + 80 ° C, consequently the diesel consumption is up to 7 ... 8 l / 100km. Currently interior that warms me to stop windows fogging. I added an additional 300W heater but can not use it because the day is on battery power only for preheating (glow plugs) .An additional power source is required.
  10. For now it looks like this: More must be done ...
  11. Not worth it! First of all, it does not fit in place of the original one. You must remove the intercooler radiator and its support. Also a wiring retraction is required. You also need to use the angle grinder. A / C pipes are in the way, the second screw on the cover nut strikes the starter. Probably all of this because we chose a pattern too large (dimensional) .
  12. Finally . Unfortunately, the surgery was successful but the patient did not survive. It is a fact in the medical field, in this case the milling machine has left it desirable - reduced machining possibilities. Socket for the heating circuit is brazed, the rest of the casing is monobloc.
  13. The battery loaded it ... equipped a CDI, yesterday I forced it and this morning I started hard.
  14. I managed to align the thermostat with the aluminum pin. This pin has taken up the role of the restrictor , ie allows a freeze flow on a 45mm2 section.