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  1. https://www.fq101.co.uk/data-a-reference/50-tightening-torques
  2. Those tools are specific to an injector reconditioning workshop. Professionally.
  3. The difference between two injectors? First of all, the physical dimensions - you don't want the tip of the injector to touch the piston and, also, the shape of the flame front to be inappropriate. Then there would be the flow rate - a different flow rate may require EDG remapping with non-guaranteed results and possible surprises in the future near. The reaction times of the injector are preset from the construction and if they do not correspond, they must be adjusted. It is possible that I missed some aspect that is only revealed when the piece is in hand. Echo is also a brand of machinery. Stihl and Husqvarna have a lot to learn from them - a lot. Here, in Europe, size matters - not to mention the 4.4m Toyota has. In the near future fuel consumption will become No. 1. We have a common border with Ukraine where there is a bitter war and as all wars are for resources...
  4. "If, due to the stagnating UK economy, we will see less gritters on Scottish roads, that IMHO would be a real Brexshit benefit."

    Almost all economies are stagnating, some from Brexshit, others due to the war and all, but absolutely all, due to a virus.

  5. I had a problem with the heating due to a defective execution element. The element is a PTC package that degrades over time - being composed of many cells, they break one by one but never all. In the end, it seems to work, but in fact it no longer has any yield (it no longer heats up enough and the effect is almost null).
  6. The producer is the supreme 'deity' over the product. He designed the gearbox according to the working fluid, that is, some criteria are the type, the materials used and the working fluid. Some time has passed since 1935 and Getrag was able to draw the necessary conclusions. In addition, there is also a group of specialists there... let's not think we are more special because they probably know better what they are doing. This does not mean that luck does not happen. I am tired of changing defective gearboxes, I am satisfied with one that works and I try to use it as long as possible as it was designed.
  7. Smart 450 has two numbers for injectors, also for the OM660.940 engine.
  8. Checking the circuits is done with an important consumer (control lamp)! Some circuits may appear good to the measuring instrument, but when a significant current passes through them, they are no longer good. There is an imperfect contact somewhere... at the resistors, at the switch, etc. Possible at and at SAM. At SAM - through N11-1 (2.5mm2 black-red)
  9. A friend replaced the injectors with ones from the Vito/Vitano. And it worked ok.
  10. It will probably work on the facelift, but it doesn't work on the 450/ZEE. And I heard that it causes problems.
  11. Here, in Romania, with that money ($575 US) you can buy almost the entire Smart (of course only for spare parts) ... however, everyone puts whatever price they want on what they have. Willys, now if you threw the tank ready! don't buy Smart complete with spare anymore :))
  12. Although the question is from a long time ago, it is not too late for an answer: - when the Smart 450 clutch is finished, it can only be replaced with a good one, preferably a new one. The Smart 450 clutch is SAC type monobloc. The work to replace it is expensive enough to pay for a new one, guaranteed to work. In addition, changing the clutch also requires adjustment with STAR. On the Smart 450, the clutch can be reconditioned, provided that the person who does this is an expert (properly paid). And so with petrol (0.6/0.7), the degree of success is 80% and with CDI (0.8) the success rate is 30% - taking the engine/box down 3 times until it succeeds is too expensive. I tried, at pertol (0.6) it's ok. At CDI it never came out and I bought a new kit. Together with the clutch, the clutch fork is also replaced.
  13. I have a 6-month-old key that has started to 'forget' (desynchronization). The original key has an electronic plate inscribed TRW. The others are Chinese replicas that work then.
  14. The turbo circuit does not work.
  15. Willys , I appreciate the suggestion and that's what I'm going to do, but now I got rid of the diseases and during this time I didn't do anything (August-November) and a lot of personal problems got together.