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  1. Unfortunately, the round bar (80 mm dia.) Is not enough for one-piece thermostat case. I bought a piece of 80x80mm square aluminum bar.
  2. These batteries can not be dimensionally altered. That's it. The terminals correspond, the length is ok, the width is ok, the height is problematic(if it can be caught in the compartment). This is an interesting thing - catching. If it can not be locked in the compartment by the original grip is wedges with expanded polystyrene, For safety reasons, the Smart battery is inadequately placed in winter. Summer is a perfect location. This type of battery transforms the chemical energy into electricity. Either the chemical processes are drastically influenced by temperature.Thermal insulation of the battery has effects only in winter and certainly prolongs battery life - this last aspect does not suit the consumer market.
  3. My battery is only 63Ah but so far I have not had problems even though the starting current is 480A. A supercapacitor battery is more expensive than one with Pb . 74Ah battery fits well and can be linked with the original attachment?
  4. I modified Gates and lasted only two years. I currently have a 4 year old Smart Battery but I do not know when it was produced. I took into account her change; Fortunately, there is an accumulator factory nearby, with a representation at 15 minutes of my home. Another variant is with supercondensators. The future of diesel engin is uncertain. If it is forbidden to drive diesel cars then I will buy another car - 451 / EURO5. It's kind of ugly and harder to maintain than 450.
  5. Yesterday I welded the aluminum housing of the thermostat, but it's a technical impossibility to be without pores / cracks. Today I tried to fix but there is an internal separation plan where the antifreeze can bleed. This is not acceptable. I will address a company for the execution of a one-piece carcass on the CNC.
  6. First check out what's causing speed instability. A broken spring can also cause noise. Innanzitutto controlla cosa causa l'instabilità della velocità. Un arco rotto può anche generare rumore.
  7. The level can be different since the oil stick is different. At 80km / h (+/- 3km / h) Smart CDI is at 6th speed. It can be said that the 6th speed is the speed of three 'upper' (the box has 2 crowns and 3 speeds) . Shaking back can be caused by anti roll of the links used, Panhard rods used (bushings) ,defective telescopes defective ,broken suspension spring. Please check these issues - broken bow seen on close inspection, rods / bushings can be seen.
  8. Then check the wastegate valve. How to find clips on youtube. If this does not work, change the valve actuator. Attention to adjust rod!
  9. Intercoooler broken. Change / repair the intercooler cruiser, clean the oil with a cloth (raw) and brake spray (at the end). This operation (intercooler change) is required only if the intercooler is perforated hard. A picture of both sides of the intercooler? It can be done without dismantling - by introducing an inspection chamber (or web camera) into the intercooler outlet under the car. This can be difficult but much more difficult to dismantle intercooler.
  10. To compensate for the exaggerated play of the bow, I carefully gripped the first and last springs of the stainless steel spring.
  11. Last night I put an aluminum bolt at the end of the wax element .
  12. As soon as possible, if I find the rest of the material, namely: - nipple for bypass - nipple for cabin heater - aluminum bar (or PTFE) for the end of the wax element - lathe available. The most important thing is the time ... I work on the thermostat "between drops"
  13. From a past project: (detail yokes)
  14. I increased the hole in the case for matching the thermostat. Also a thread on the end of the wax element. Thermostat size (comparative)