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  1. It was the starter. 1100 bucks later..... I love my car Lou ann but she is an expensive girl.
  2. I met Uncle Glenn last year After posting an add on Kijiji looking for an undercairrage panel. all I can Say is that I wished I lived Closer so I could get all the work done on my car "lou-ann" by Uncle Glenn. He knows his Smart cars and also puts up with my annoying questions. I have learned so much about my car. also I Reccomend the REMAP he does. It is fanfuckingtastic. I climb hills with ease and catch up to and pass the pick up trucks that felt the need to pass me for no reason on the 401. It is worth the drive to london.
  3. How does one push start a smart?
  4. Hey guys! So I got my car lou ann all done up (thanks again for the remap uncle Glenn!) And she has been driving great! but today when i went to start her up she decided to not turn over just make a little click And the oil engine and battery lights are staying on. Anyone got any ideas? Also why do i have to live so far from uncle Glenn? Lol
  5. Hey Everybody! My Name is Ian and I am new to the site. Like my Decal? I found out about it through this add I posted on Kijiji looking for a plastic part for the underside, which brought me to london where I met "Uncle Glenn." He is awesome. All the adivce he gave me on my car and told me a LOT of things I didn't know about my Smart car. Thanks again Glenn! also sorry for being so annoying with the questions. Guess what Everybody? I have another one: When the engine is Running, all my lights start to dim, everything, dash lights, head lights etc. start to dim/flicker and the RPMs drop from 1000 to 850 then back up to 1000 when idling. Someone said the belt might be loose but I don't's a 2006 Diesel if that helps. Any ideas on how to solve this problem? P.s. So Glenn aka Smart142, I found the site! I am sure we will see each other in the new year thanks for storing my oil