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  1. I have the same problem Too it would stop after I go thru a big bump ..........then few min later it will start working again
  2. I just called eddy at flying tiger .... he said there's no valve adjustment on the 451??
  3. Oil is using 5w30 Engine has 39000km
  4. My engine make a very noticable ticking sound when it is cold .... generally in the morning or when parked for long time. it is so noticable that I can hear it in the cabin This normal ?
  5. Just bought the car car has full service records from dealers. 135000km runs smooth
  6. The wobble occures even when pulley isn't Fitfted
  7. means its bent or it isn't flat against the seal
  8. Ok guys 08 451 135000km Car has a crank seal leak Took the pullies apart and replaced the crank seal ...still leaks noticed whe. Spinning the crank the oil pisses out the new seal and the crank is wabbling. I m located in Vancouver BC Can someone suggest me a place to go that will not have a Mercedes surcharge to fix this thing ??
  9. Can I go to any dealers and ask them to search up the vin number ?? I have never experience that before
  10. I just bought this lease return unit. It should be fully serviced at MB before by last owner. Since it Was a lease car from the dealers.
  11. at wat km m I suppose to do this update ??
  12. No where can I do that besides the dealer ship ?? I live in Richmond BC Canada