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  1. So its Good News - Bad News Good News is - no damage to the car. I wired the Emulator properly and have no codes. The car starts and runs fine. Bad News is- The car runs the same as before in Limp Home Mode. So I think it's safe to rule out the EGR. Next is to do another boost test to see if I have a leak somewhere. Maybe a weak hose with a pin hole or cut in it somewhere. I had done a quick check once before and didn't find anything. I'll do a more thorough inspection this time and while I'm at it I may spin the valve like recommended or delete the EGR all together. I'll keep you posted.
  2. Well there's your problem! I'll get around to soldering up the right way on Saturday. I didn't drive the car since I installed it so I'm hoping it's alright. Thanks guys I'll let you know how I make out.
  3. I just got the module. No instructions but yeah I used the diagram you posted and the wire numbers to match. That post BTW is 30 pages LOL but yeah I breezed through it. I guess only Stickman can give us the answer. I just assumed the rest were in order. You did notice almost all the wires are the same color. It makes it all the more challenging. Why 1 grey one? Just to mix it up a bit?
  4. It almost sounds like the fuel pump cut out while you where driving. Mine had the courtesy of letting go when I was a home. You can try to hot wire it directly to the fuse box. I don't remember which pin melts (11?) in the SAM but you can find it in the Fuel Pump Relay How to. I just cut the wire from the Sam then added a bit of wire and put a spade clip on it . I connected one end of the spade to a 30A fuse and the other to the box. Its a quick test. I thought my fuel pump under the seat was running too but it wasn't. This is like the headlights where the SAM pins are not designed to handle that many amps. A quick hot wire and I was up and running again. You can clean it up with a relay later but I didn't bother.
  5. Here is the emulator installed. I presume the pin 1 is the first wire on the right and the pin 5 is last on the left with the rest just following 2 3 4 with 3 being the grey. The odds are 50/50 I got it right.
  6. I've been going in circle for months with this. This is the point. I have NO error codes with the EGR in but the car is still in limp home mode. The emulator is just cheaper than buying another EGR to test to see if the EGR is causing the limp home mode. Also why turning the valve doesn't matter because it's plated. It doesn't get dirty because no exhaust is getting in the EGR. The valve moves no problem. I was hoping it was an fault in the EGR that didn't pop a code but caused a limp home mode. At least now I have an error code and limp home mode and the car still drives the same. I'll keep at it and drive it anyway until get the emulator working properly.
  7. You can clean the valve with Carb Cleaner with it still in the EGR and it will move freely. This would resolve the code when ever I would get one. Usually it's just the valve that's stuck. Since I plated it I haven't had a code. I'm getting a code now with the Emulator. The EGR isn't connected.
  8. So installed the emulator and now I get a P0409 error. Not too sure if its the emulator or the order of the pins that I got reversed. i'm still looking into that. I went with the diagram and I made an educated guess as to pins 1 and 5 and soldered them in order. Maybe Stickman thinks I know a lot more about electronics than I actually do or the pins are not in order. No problem, Still in limp home mode with CEL. Car drives the same. LOL
  9. + Hi guys, No I didn't get to the emulator yet. I'm going to do it this weekend. I'll have another look a the wastegate and hose. It looked OK the last time I looked. If the emulator doesn't work I'll have to take it to the Stealership and have it put on the machine that goes bing.
  10. Hi Stickman I honestly have no idea what the hell it is and I didn't have the time to install the emulator. I just figured it might be something to do with the EGR as it seems like a boost leak or a SAM limiter. BTW I do clean the EGR regularly and the valve moves nicely. I did try to pull ou the valve and flip it around but it wouldn't come out so I just plated it. It was easier than messing up the valve. I could use the puller. LOL I'm going to try install the emulator you sent me weekend as a new knocking sound seems to be coming from the motor at idle. Thanks for the support!
  11. Hi everyone, So for the last few months I've been driving my 2006 Cabrio with no boost. I've spent more than a few hours on this but the car will not rev past 3k.and yes it sucks big time. I was really hoping it would throw a code by now or anything to let me know what the hell to fix or replace, but nothing so far. I'm going to take another crack at it. I got a EGR emulator (thanks Stickman007) and I'll do a EGR bypass. I also plan to do another boost leak test. Anything else I should be looking at? The turbo seems to suck air and I didn't notice any play. No smoke, noise or anything that would point to something broken. No load - in neutral - pedal to the floor = 3k and no higher. Any ideas? could the SAM do this?
  12. Hi foks, Anyone know where a guy can get an EGR emulator? I did a quick look on the web and nada. It seems even our Polish friend has run out. Other ideas?
  13. Check the TC rings on all of the wheels. I'm not sure exactly what they're called but they look like gears on the inside near where the axle meets the backing plate of the brake. The TC sensor uses them to check the speed of each wheel. Sometimes they split and slide on the axle. This will trigger the TC (traction control). Sometimes you can glue them back and they'll work for a while.
  14. So in the end it's a good news / bad news kinda story. Glad to hear you got er running.