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  1. Just discovered water leaking from front right side by the firewall please help!
  2. up date pulled out the battery yesterday there was a wire harness coming from the e box with a white connector at the end it was not connected to the connector on the other side so i just put it back in and baam!!! no more water separator light! it was really annoying to look at! checked the wires also they all looked good thanks for the info great site and very helpful
  3. i have it now milage 315000 km
  4. hi welcome to the club I am a new member and owner too sorry to here your problems try disconnecting the battry for a while see if it starts after that and search the vin number of the car here to see if it is on this site mine has 315000 km I bought it a month ago gave it a oil change and all filters abs and eps lights come on aftter 60km/h back reluctor ring is cracked I will change both when I have time abs rings on the back might be cracked abs and eps light parts are expensive for the car but do shop around make phone calls to locale parts store and look online for the best deals good luck
  5. Thanks for the info I will look at the wires
  6. yes that is my plan I want to get a few years out of it its fun and very cheap to drive compared to my bmw x 3 also would you have reluctor rings for sale mike t suggested I talk to you?
  7. hey every one just learning to get around the site I got the car a month ago @314000 km and just started to learn more about it at lest now I know who owned it maybe I can find out more about the car from leipa any ways so I have a car with 315000 km without any history what kind of thing I need to do so I can get a few years out of it?
  8. new wiper blades
  9. mine stays on all the time i changed the water separator and used the old sensor still the light is on????
  10. i have this car now please update me if you have any info on the car is the engine original or rebuilt?
  11. hey everyone I am Gill from Port Coquitlam BC. just bought a 2005 smart car cdi with 314000 km. i have no history of the car. l drive it every day. Things I did : oil and oil filter change fuel separator change air filter change is the shifting lag common in smart cdis is it something I have to get used to? any other suggestions are welcomed also car has abs and eps light on after 60km/h speed left rear reluctor ring broken will fix it when I have time also the fuel separator light stays on need held with that thank you any other suggestions will be appreciated thanks in advance!!😊
  12. will i get used to my smart car?