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  1. Sorry for the delay. My wife has a six seater Ford freestyle we mainly use for the kids. The smart is just my car I drive to Michigan for work but do put the kids in occasionally. So far I have driven my smart 6 times and it has been towed away twice. It is going up for sale as soon as it is fixed. People tell me they drive there's all over the world but I am lucky to make it out of my drive way before catastrophic failure.
  2. I didn't realize there was a difference. My driving is mainly highway but I am trying to reduce my current fuel bills of around 900 to 1200 per month to something more reasonable. If it is working out I may invest in a newer smart so that is why I am asking.
  3. My thoughts are that my cdi could get expensive thats why I am asking. Since I can't get a new diesel I would be forced to get a gas model or drive an old diesel. When I searched the mileage of a 2014 it says 36 mpg but the diesel is in a whole other ball park in the mid 70's and some people claiming a lot higher. 40 mpg is a huge difference between gas and diesel. I have 2 kids so a two door car is a massive pain in the butt I can live with at 70 mpg but not at 36 mpg.
  4. Just wondering if anyone has real world mpg numbers for the two? I just got my first diesel smart and am very happy with it. Is it really true that the gas model is that much worse on fuel? That completely defeats the point in my mind of having a smart car. I will give up my trunk and backseat for great mileage but not if I can get the same mileage from a ford focus or something a bit bigger.
  5. I couldn't get at mine at all from the top. There was no way to spin the alternator with the connections still attached. Doesn't matter much now. Hopefully I never have to do it again
  6. How do you drop the engine and access the connections on the back of the alternator without getting underneath the car?
  7. Thanks a lot Glenn. Seems like a great group on here.thanks everyone for the advice. Hopefully I can get this all worked out. Bryan Yup, that's a lot. Could get one for 1/2 that price.I could help with suggestions, and diagnosis, but I'm on vacation in Europe right now. Call me after March 12th to set up a meet.
  8. Yeah I had 25 percent planned but the alternator alone was 25 percent. Are all parts super expensive? I paid 500 bucks for a rebuilt alternator.
  9. I have read you can try and reset the transmission but can't figure out how to do it. Can't find it in the owners manual. Since I got The 3 bars the car won't start now. Doesn't even try to crank over
  10. Thanks. I can do the repairs myself it is more the diagnosis I may have problems with. I am just bummed I was excited to have the car and it's been a massive headache since day one
  11. That mod is awesome. Had my smart for 3 days and spent 2 of them laying under it doing the alternator. Would have killed for access like that.
  12. I doubt I can return it. It was private sale. I paid 2300 for the car. He told me it was in good shape and needed nothing
  13. Hello all. I finally got my hands on a smart car last week. Wanted one for about a year now. Got it home and it has been awful. Been on the road 3 days. Day 1 alternator went. Day two abs and orange triangle light came on. Day 3 got 3 bars of death in the middle of a crazy busy intersection had to get it towed home. Is this what I have to look forward too? It's a 2005 cdi with 170,000 km. I was really excited about this car but so far I may have to cut my losses already as I now have a smart car that's worth practically nothing