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  1. I just (sadly) traded in my 2009 Passion Cabriolet. I didn't mind the lack of power and the less-than comfortable ride. I could even deal with the insanely expensive maintenance and poor treatment from the MB dealership. But after only 6 years and 40,000 miles, it developed one expensive problem after another. First the car would intermittently refuse to go into reverse, and more rarely it would decline to engage in any gear at all. That was, I was told, some electronic part that failed and cost a couple hundred dollars. A few months later there was an alarming noise upon starting up, and the MB dealer told me I needed to replace 2 pumps (one a secondary pump that feeds fluid to the brakes, the other feeds air into the catalytic converter) to the tune of nearly $3K......thought long and hard about it, and I traded it in, feeling lucky to have gotten $6K for it. I did the prudent thing and bought a new Honda, but I am still sad and miss the "roller skate".......