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  1. 2 new Continental ProContact TX tires fit front rims of 450s for a smoother ride P165/65R15 can replace P145s, $100 ea p/u from Nelson BC
  2. Engine computer module from airbox on 0.8L diesel , fits 2005, 2006 TDI, $150 Pick up or shipping from Nelson, BC, Canada
  3. I've had my Smart 4-2 for 2 yrs and recently the ESP light came on at the same time as the ABS light. 2 days later the car wouldn't go into R but would run normally in A and go in O Now It won't start because th indicator says 1, selector moves but no change to O and R, and A will come on as well as 1 so no start, and ESP/ABS lights are out now. I've removed the Clutch actuator and it hasn't punched thru the clutch lever, but it sounds like the clutch actuator isn't being energized when selecting R or O I've checked the Rear wheel gear ring things for the magnets and nothing is cracked . I remember something about some angle sensor can get corroded and not allow a gear change, but where can I find this sensor? Anyone have any diagrams or know how to locate this angle sensor? Anyone have any other ideas why I'm stuck in a 1st gear no start? Is it related to the ESP coming on before which is off now. I left the key on in 1st gear for about 10 minutes and the car suddenly moved into O , forgot to start it before I put it into R and it still shows 1 in all positions
  4. My 2006 had the rear window smashed in at mechanic by accident, the glass was replaced but now the hatch doesn't close sealed. It's like the whole thing is pushed back an inch from seals and latch is too low to connect. I'm just looking for tips to give them on how to adjust the position of upper rear window, as they haven't a clue. I have the glass roof and can't reach the 2 upper bolts holding down the upper hatch
  5. I went with the same tire size all around with a slightly taller tire and love the softer ride ,, fit perfectly and last longer 500AA vs 400AA
  6. I did adjust & lube the actuator per FQ101 directions but don't have a teach in process, no change
  7. step on the gas from a stop on a hill and it will not move for 3-5 seconds, revs do not increase with pedal down until it starts moving, then full of power. Auto mode Could this be a clutch worn or actuator in wrong position?. 163000kms . Will changing transaxle fluid help? Adjustments ? Any help appreciated on cause or cure
  8. As far as I've heard , they altered the software so that all emissions systems would be on only for the emissions tests, and would turn off for the rest of the time, ie EGR delete in everyday mode, EGR on for tests only. This is not a "cheat on emission tests", this is a cheat on owners they told were driving a cleanest diesel available. This enables higher MPG numbers but higher pollutants in 'everyday' mode. They mis-represented the car to buyers , not to the EPA emission testers Fixing it should be a simple software update
  9. Moisture in any electrical components may cause corrosion or a short and /or kill the component. If you have dampness around the battery on R side, you may also have moisture dripping onto the SAM fusebox on the L which will cause starting problems. Both of these can be from a leak at your windshield seal. Yes you can boost your battery from another to get it started, NEG to Neg, Pos to POS+ but your lights will eventually die and engine stop if it's not charging
  10. yes "normal" for an automated manual shifter less noticeable the less gas/acceleration used
  11. Now $4700 reduced from $5700 tried selling locally in W. Kootenay BC 2006 MB Smart Fortwo Pure CDI, good condition , 163k km, Mercedes 0.8L CDI Turbo Diesel, Auto, Moon Roof glass ceiling, CD, A/C, New windshield, Tridion Safety Cage, nice wheels, fun to drive, Safety inspected, from Alberta, BC Reg’d, good condition and ready for a new home , take a look in Nelson, BC 250-551-2727 John
  12. I've towed a Smart 450 backward on a tow dolly, so 2 front wheels on the road with steering wheel tied steady to the seat, and 2 rear wheels on the tow dolly from U-Haul, it's ok if the engine side of the car is on the dolly so most weight is on the dolly, no wandering, no transmission burnout, but not 4 wheels towed, battery must be disconnected so sensors don't detect 2 wheels spinning and 2 not
  13. I'm selling a Blue 2006 Pure CDI with 163000km or 100,000 miles, moonroof for $4700 Cdn, approx. $3700US, you are welcome to try importing, but it's up to the buyer to register/import. Canada had CDIs in 2005 and 2006 only and in 2007 the rules changed that new vehicles sold in Canada had to be California emissions compliant so they were no longer sold in Canada, they do not have DPF or DEF used. 2005 and 2006 CDIs are not US DOT / CAFE emission compliant, and as far as I know a car cannot be imported into USA from Canada if it is not US DOT CAFE emission compliant. I heard rumors that there are some CDIs in California, but they have maybe been registered by someone who was an inside DOT or State registering friend and looked the other if you know the Simpsons TV show, a Patty or Selma might do it for a favor to sister Marge. Best of luck PS: According to a NAFTA loophole, any Canadian or US dual citizen who moves to live in the US legally can bring their Smart CDI with them and register in the USA, and then can sell it to a US citizen, so this is another way CDIs have been registered in USA. Do you know of a Canadian moving to the USA or American moving back from Canada? Have them buy 1 and move it with them.
  14. For those looking for the A/C connector fitting, it's accessible from below the right headlight when the front is removed as seen in photo, some might reach it from the grill , but this is the location to search for it, aluminum tube with dark cap