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  1. Yep, my mechanic pretty much the same thing, drill and insert a metal pipe from both sides and glue everything together. Man, do the Chinese ever not pull through? And for a lot cheaper than the 100$ my garage wanted to charge me. I'm gonna order it from ebay, free shipping yay! Personally I don't use Aliexpress but I do like ebay Try this link. The price is a few dollars less but more important I like their protection policy, which has been very honorable in the past http://www.ebay.com/itm/Actuator-KP31-Smart-MCC-Fortwo-0-8-CDI-MC01-OM660DE08LA-Turbocharger-wastegate-/262506823312?hash=item3d1ea03e90:g:vKYAAOSwZ1BXdkU6&vxp=mtr
  2. Hahaha, thing is i dont know any other mechanic that specializes in smart and charges 60$/hr for labour in the Montreal area. I'm knocking on wood right now, cause since that oil started to show streaks on my back bumper I did 2 round trips to Toronto and 1 to Quebec, and I'm about to do another round trip to Toronto this weekend. Let's hope houseofdiesel didn't jinx me! I'll talk to mechanic again to see if he has another solution...
  3. Hey guys, since we're talking about turbo failures I have a quick question... The plastic fitting I'm pointing to broke, and the hose has been hanging freely spraying oil all over the inside of the "trunk" and all over my rear bumper. The car hasn't suffered any performance issues and it's driving normally. My mechanic told me we can simply plug the hose since the car runs normally and the plastic fitting isn't sold separately. All this to say, would I have any long term effects if I simply plug the hose?
  4. Right, I thought I did in my first post. Garages' name is Mecano solutiion, 880, rue Berlier, Laval, QC, H7L 4K5 450-663-0454 mecanosoultion.com The owner is Fred, I think his name was
  5. So here's an update if anyone from the montreal/laval area is reading this. There no surprises with the alternator replacement, 160$ alternator and 2 hours for the job 140$ for a total of 300$. Oil leak was diagnosed to be from the pipe, so he basically just patched that up. An oil change goes for 70$ (50$ if you simply want oil/filter without the Mercedes mambo jumbo inspection). The garage is decent, prices are good and also lends you a courtesy care if you need one (first non dealer garage I've been to that does that). But I did notice my change from my dash drawer disappeared..... can't prove anything though Well that's it, thanks for everything!
  6. Thanks for the advice all, I'm gonna be passing by the garage tonight to get a more thorough diagnostic. I'm also gonna mention the intercooler to see if he suggests changing it as well. I have one more question though, is it possible to do Tolsen's restrictor mod to heat the engine up faster without his homemade plug? It's currently 5 degrees out and the car still wont heat up past 60 degrees. Would be nice to get some heat in the cabin!
  7. Alright thanks for the info, I'll take it in sometime next week and I'll let you know for the intercooler.
  8. Really you're confirming the 3 hour estimate, I honestly thought it was way less than that. Alright, I'll wait for a few more replies in case someone has a better suggestion before I call back for an appointment.
  9. Hi all, I know this questions has already been asked but I cant seem to find the topic anymore. I'm looking for a garage to change my alternator/serpentine belts/idler pulley. I was able to find a shop that sells the alternator rebuilt for 200$ (Réusinage Voltech) but no luck so far for a garage that has experience with smarts. Everyone I call, they admit to never having done the job before.... Then I found this place, mécano solution laval, says they specialize in Benz and smart. When I called for a quote, 160 for alternator and 200 for labor (3 hour job....). Based on the wiki I read here it shouldn't be a 3 hour job. So does anyone know a garage in the Montreal area (preferably anywhere between, or near, downtown area and ville St-Laurent) that know what he's doing and charges a fair rate? And before anyone suggests it (this is mainly why we're all on this forum right?) I tried doing the job myself, but having never dropped the engine and my limited tools, I wasn't successfully able to complete it. Also I have an oil leak that's originating from somewhere near the inter cooler, I think, that I need to get checked out.