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  1. FYI. This may be old news for some but I just found this online: http://www.autonewscast.com/2010/10/30/mos...er-2010-survey/ http://www.consumerreports.org/cro/cars/us...t-used-cars.htm
  2. You're absolutely right about this SameGuy. But it would be interesting to do an impartial Smart owner satisfaction survey of every Smart owner in Canada and see those results. My guess is we will never see that kind of data.
  3. Thanks Mike. Yes it was driven mainly in the city. At the moment I'm kind of partial to the Honda Fit. Practical, good on gas, and not too bad to look at, but also very reliable. Prior to the Smart I had a little Suzuki Swift 3 cylinder. I drove it once from Calgary to Vancouver on 40 litres of fuel. That was in 1994 and fuel efficiency hasn't improved much since then. I've heard rumour of a 300 mile per gallon diesel VW that may be coming to Canada, but still even the most fuel efficient cars in the Canadian market today don't perform much better than that 1992 Suzuki Swift. That little car only needed regular maintenance for 15 years and never complained. I think I'll go back to something like that. I will continue to come here from time to time. I have met some great people in the Smart community. My favourite moment in my Smart is when a bunch of Calgary owners got together and drove part of the Smart Relay across Canada and few years ago. We had a great time our little convoy heading south on Highway 2 to Crowsnest Pass.
  4. Well that's it for me and the Smart car. I'm afraid I'm beat. I can't do this anymore. I won't go into the messy details, but after many aggravating discussions with the Dealership, the car is fixed. It cost $1000. Money that could be used for many other things than repairing a new car. I repeat this is a new car with 82000 km on the clock. I've treated that car with kit gloves since the moment I drove it off the lot. Every service interval was dutifully remembered and acted upon. Every unusual noise attended to. I suppose all that can be said is that I am not a satisfied customer and I haven't been for quite some time. It really hit me when I was going through all the workorder/repair sheets for the last 5 years trying to plead my case for getting some discount on the repairs. No word of a lie, I have a stack of repair workorders that is an inch thick. I just can't accept that a modern vehicle, would or should, need this much attention and take so much money to keep on the road. Mercedes isn't interested retaining loyal Smart car owners. The reply that I received from Smart was so defensive it bordered on being angry and I got the sense that they didn't want to be bothered by a customer. I don't need this kind of soul sucking treatment in my life at the moment. It's over. I'll being selling my vehicle ASAP preferably as a trade in and as quickly as possible. I know many people have had great experiences with the Smart, but it seems just as many haven't, and unfortunately I am one of them.
  5. I've written a letter that I would like to send to Smart/Mercedes Canada. Does anyone have experience in doing this? Is there a customer service dept. or person I could send it to? Thanks.
  6. Good point about the oil fill Alex. I will check the work order.
  7. Me too Mike. I've been reading about loss of compression on the CDI engine for various reasons, but not higher compression. I suspect the main reason why you haven't heard of this is because it's not something that will happen to the engine under normal circumstances. The fact remains that this car was not burning oil before the intake manifold had been replaced. I'm so tired of having to fight with the dealership over repairs to this car. The one prior to this was an airbag warning light which turned out to be a design flaw in the circuit (the plug connection under the seats is prone to building up resistance over time). They dealer admitted that this was a wiring circuit design flaw but made no attempt to repair the problem. Instead they told me the charge of the repair and how they were going to fix it(which was to remove the plug connectors and solder the wires together). I didn't want to pay the price and did the work myself. No problems, but the airbag warning light had to be reset, and I had to bring it into the dealer to have it done. They charged me $35 to reset the indicator. When I pointed out that they had admitted that the cause of the problem was the design of the circuit and that I shouldn't be charged, they didn't care. Being nickle-and-dimed and treated this way erodes any trust I have with the dealer. Sorry for the rant.
  8. I talked to the Smart service rep last night and he said he would give me a 10% discount on the repair. Considering that I already received a 10% discount card in the mail last week from Smart, this kind of treatment from a dealer is why people don't trust dealerships.
  9. Thanks Alex. The EGR valve had just been replaced on the car (in May last year) and Mercedes performed the last oil change on the car. I didn't check the oil level afterwards.
  10. Frankly, I was surprised when he said the compression was higher than spec'd. I was dreading his phone call for the opposite reason: low compression. I know that this would not have been good news. At the moment, I'm waiting for a call from the service manager. We need to have a chat. lol.I should also add that explanation for the high compression was due to the speculation that there was also excess oil in the cylinders which had been carbonized...
  11. Last June I brought my 2006 Smart in for B service and to check on some engine problems I had been having. At the time the car was running rough in idle and making an odd squealing noise occasionally when the engine was cold. The squealing noise would happen as the car was shifting between gears, so I thought it was a shifter issue, but (as was mentioned by the dealership) it turned out to be a crack in the intake manifold. The dealership had the car for day and did the work to replace the intake manifold (they said it was cracked and not an unusual problem because it is made of plastic). When I picked the car up and drove it away after the work was done, it began to make the same squealing noise. So I turned the car around and brought it back right away. I left the car over night and picked it up after work the next day and it seemed to be repaired. But a week later the car was running rougher and the intake manifold had begun to make the same squealing noise. On top of that, the exhaust had begun to have a very acrid smell. So I brought the car back and they had another look at it. This time they said they could not reproduce the problems I was having, but they did take note of the awful exhaust smell. They told me not to worry about it and wait until the problems got worse, then they would be able to diagnose the problem and repair it. Since they are the experts, I took them at their word about it and drove the car away. That's the back-story and this is what has happened at my most recent service visit. After the same issues had worsened, I brought the car in yesterday. Now the dealer is telling me that the intake is filled with oil, they did a compression check and the cylinder compression is higher than it should be, and that it will cost a thousand dollars to fix it. I have several questions. The first is, given that the compression is high, could the engine be damaged more than what the dealer is saying? In other words is this a catastrophic situation for an engine to be in? The second question is, what is wrong with this engine!!!!! How could this kind of thing happen on a modern engine design and why couldn't the dealership see this coming? Given the symptoms that were happening, (especially when the exhaust began to smell bad) it almost seems that this is a forgone conclusion and it could have been avoided many months ago. The third question is the most troubling, and that is, did the initial repair cause this problem? Prior to having the intake replaced on the car, I had very few engine problems with it and the exhaust smelled like normal diesel exhaust.
  12. A word of warning don't go to hyatt auto! Nice people, kind-of, but completely incompetent. Wrong parts ordered, only to find out on the day of service (it was a steering wheel. mine was paddle, they ordered non-paddle). Another instance they were replacing the intercooler air scoop (there is only one of these) and ordered the wrong part. Again I found out after I brought the car in. They then admitted to me that they took the airscoop off another car in their shop and tried to put it on mine, but it was really hard to take off the airscoop off that other car! So they thought they would order a new one for me! I have more incidents to recount, but I think you should heed my warning. Any dealer that is this unprofessional and near, criminally incompetent, should be avoided. I am avoiding then myself now, and will take my car to Lonestar. Anything will be better than Hyatt.
  13. I have a friend who has a smart as well and he was saying almost the same thing, "I'm only getting 200km/tank." I asked him when he was filling the car and he said when it was down to 1 blob on the indicator. And when he filled the car he would fill until the pump would click and stop flowing. Normal procedure for most cars, but the smart isn't in the normal category. I had to explain that at one blob there was still lots of fuel left in the tank and not to rush into a service station to fill the car. Even when the car begins the count down from 5 litres, it's still has almost a quarter of a tank of fuel! I regularly drive my car to 0 litres left on the gauge and on my last tank got 605 km of mixed city/highway driving. Midget Ninja: 1) fill you car to the brim, right up to the cap. 2)don't worry, drive at least down to 1 litre left in the tank - there is at least 2 litres of undocumented reserve capacity in the tank - you shouldn't ever run out of fuel, unless you drive on with 0 flashing for 40 km or more. You should be able to get at least 450 kms/tank even if you drive the car hard.
  14. Right you are Darren! My bad.