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  1. Forgot to mention that Glenn's repair price was excellent and will allow us to keep driving our Smartie for years to come.
  2. I just got back from having our vehicle repaired and serviced by "Uncle Glenn" in London and it was well worth the drive from Toronto! We have a diesel 2006 Smart Cabriolet with 65,000 km. Our local dealer strongly discouraged us from repairing the vehicle and listed over $5,000 worth of repairs that needed to be made. The dealer was pushing us to buy a new vehicle (no surprise). The reality is that the math simply doesn't work having a dealer service an old Smartie...better to do it yourself or find someone as trustworthy as Glenn. Here's the list of what we repaired both front springs...what a smooth ride home replaced front brake pads 2 front bearings broken bolts X2 service actuator and computer actuator sleeve oil change light bulbs new Bosch battery with 3 yr warranty replaced rear crash bar* antifreeze replacement oil spray undercoat *Several years ago our Smartie was rear-ended by a car going about 25 to 30 kpm. At the time I was proud of the fact that the only damage to the Smartie was two slight indents where the screws from the other guy's licence plate impacted. He knocked his bumper loose. The insurance-approved repair shop missed the fact the crash bar had some barely visible but potentially serious damage. It was one of Glenn's first observations. Thanks Glenn! Callum and Sarah
  3. Hi everyone, I highly recommend visiting "Uncle Glenn" in London if you can when you need help. I travelled 1.5 hrs to get our 2006 Cab looked at and it was well worth the trip. As it has been said before, Glenn is old-school. None of the fancy extras you get in a dealership and visiting his shop feels like driving into an old warehouse in a movie. But what you get is an honest guy who knows his stuff and wants you to get as much pleasure out of working with Smart Cars as he does. He first connected a gauge and took us out for a quick spin. He gave me a running commentary on the car's performance status (pretty good). He then did a triage on the long list of dealer-identified issues and told me what needed doing from a practical point of view. He slashed the list down to a fraction of the tasks due to the good shape the vehilce was in. He quickly got to work on the few things that did need fixing and then we got down to remapping! Had I known how much better the car would run after remapping I would have brought it in years ago. I immediately notice more pep in 3rd, even better in 4th and 5th. I sailed back from London with a far more responsive car. Probably the best thing that Glenn did was provide me with the confidence that I may have many more years or kms out of a vehicle that a dealer was suggesting was a near write-off mechanically. He even encouraged me enough to do some repairs myself. His prices are very reasonable. All in all, a nice guy, pleasant morning and better-running car. Callum
  4. Fantastic, more insight...thanks. Had to laugh at Pingu's comment about a 9-year old car with a 15-year old design and "Are you feeling lucky?" All I could picture is a squinting penguin with a magnum .45
  5. Wow, I wish I had joined this forum sooner. It probably would have saved me hundreds if not thousands of dollars! Great suggestions above and I especially appreciate the links to the parts, the advice and the referral to an expert. Too bad you guys don't do healthcare, investment advice, etc as well. As for the questions, it is almost all suburban driving, to and from work with little highway driving. I agree about the air conditioning being redundant when one has a convertible. My significant other who is the primary driver has been running without it for a summer already so that may become the new normal. Will post back if we proceed with repairs and let you know how it goes. Much appreciated. cmj
  6. Hi everyone, Well it looks like we are at a crossroads with our beloved 2006 Smart Cabriolet. We have had it regularly serviced by the dealer and the vehicle only has 40,000 km. On our last dealer service we were told that it needs well over $4,000 worth of repairs and the vehicle is only worth $2,000. The body is in excellent shape (better than its owner). The laundry list of repairs runs something like this...prices are with labour. High Pressure Pump Leaking - $1836 Lower Control Arm Brushings (noisy) - $338 R/F Wheel Bearing and Bolt (has play) - $530 Sway Bar and Nuts (have play) - $368 Brake Cables Sheathing Damaged - $307 Muffler (cracked) - $800 Air Conditioning (doesn't work, cause unknown) - likely over $1,000 but it will take 1.5 hours just to identify problem The dealer said he wouldn't recommend putting another dollar into the vechicle and to sell it. He said that its low mileage was likely a contributing factor to its need for repair. However, we like our Smartie enough that we would consider whether a little triage on the repairs might be in order. Otherwise we have to buy a new or used car to replace this one. We are trying to determine whether the car, with some prioritized repairs can last another five years or whether it is simply going to eat money. Any thoughts? We would appreciate your input. Thanks, CMJ