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  1. Look at the fuses under the seat
  2. maybe you need to replace the pins on the connector,and that from ebay will work
  3. Anyone who has a star tool can code a key
  4. + coding over here is it 15$ to code a key
  5. hard to belive that this is the acutator
  6. HI I have a strange sound from the gerbox, and in the last time my car wont to engage gears. think its time to replace the clutch. Should i buy this link or link thanks
  7. Thanks for your reply fixed, cars running like never
  8. car was fine before 2 days, then it started to smoke a lote, oil level hasnt droped cleaned the egr, smoked again. Today the car has gone into safemode / limp mode, will not go over 3000rpm, glow plug light on Cleaned map sensor Cleaned egr, checked and cleaned westgate Turbo has chra has only 3000tkm on it and has no play the hose from the westgate to the compresor housing has no holes. Right now the car does not smoke anymore, and i can not delete the errors with texa diagnostictool, or cuting off the power from the power from the battery error stored Fuel pump cut off P1188 egr error P1401 final faze glowplug preheater p1482 AC shut off Booked to a smart specialist on wednesday, but till that i can die :D
  9. There are two versions of this tool one is poor quality and overheats, and one is bulletproof. Where the obd cable goes out from the "body" there are 2small screws, unscrew them end pull out the pcb.
  10. if there are NEC chips in your tool then you can not screw anything
  11. How have you instaled it Have you activated it with the generated activation file ?
  12. Its under the rubber there is a usb logo
  13. Iron x or clay