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  1. Luwie Is the roadster gasoline or diesel? I believe it is gasoline and we didn’t get the gasoline model 450 in Canada so as Mike has said there won’t be any dealer support here. Basically we don’t have much in the way of dealer support other than parts for the cars that were sold here. Nigel
  2. Here is a link from the American forum on how to bypass the shift interlock and also how to lube the shifter mechanism. Hopefully it it is still cold when they get around to looking at your car so they can diagnose it properly. Nigel
  3. Is this also not warranty? It shouldn’t have been left unrepaired unless they scheduled you for a return visit to complete the job.
  4. Welcome. You will find a pretty helpful bunch here. We also do some traveling with our RV and smart. Nigel
  5. Ritchie Turbocharger boost changes with engine load from a slight vacuum at idle to max boost going uphill with your foot into it. Unlike a supercharger where the boost is directly linked to engine speed. So if you drove with light throttle all day long you probably wouldn’t set the code. Nigel
  6. Ritchie I will try but I may not get it exactly right. On your first picture, on the left side of the Turbo there is a hose about a quarter inch diameter going from the Turbo to the wastegate actuator. The pressure travels through the little hose and pushes against a diaphragm and spring in the actuator and when there is enough pressure to overcome the spring the actuator rod moves the wastegate towards the open position. As the pressure drops the spring in the actuator moves the wastegate back to the closed position. By moving the nuts on the rod where it is attached to the wastegate lever will change the preload on the actuator spring therefore raising or lowering the maximum boost. I don’t remember which way you would turn them left or right to lower the boost. Since your problem is intermittent I suspect your adjustment is pretty close within a turn or two. Also if you have a crack or hole in the little hose full boost may not be getting to the actuator and therefore not opening the wastegate and causing an over boost condition. Clear as mud? Nigel
  7. Ritchie Will your scanner show boost or map numbers while driving? I think the maximum map should be about 2.1 bar or max boost be about 16 psi. If you can’t get the numbers you are welcome to come up here and try my Scangauge. I’m about 20 minutes north of 400/401. Nigel
  8. I’m not a mechanic but maybe someone can tell you if there is an easy way to check for a slipped or broken timing chain. Maybe that is why Glenn suggested checking compression. When I used to do CAA roadside years ago we would see a lot of broken timing belts. Nigel
  9. Now that is what I would expect from all of our members here. Those that aren’t interested in helping should be quiet. Nigel
  10. If they do I’ll know who to thank. Nigel
  11. The scoop is probably gone. Glenn has been known to recycle 4 litre oil jugs and turning them into replacement scoops. We seem to lose them in the winter snow. Nigel
  12. Have a great trip Glenn. We will be about a week and a half behind you but only going as far west as Kelowna BC. Nigel
  13. When you press the unlock on the key do the doors unlock? If not maybe the battery in the fob is dead. Try the other fob if you have one. I am one of the few people that had a fob stop working for no apparent reason. Nigel
  14. cruise_carter This also can be the trigger connection on the starter solenoid. It is a push on connection that can get slightly loose and also get corroded. It is ugly to get to. Nigel