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  1. My Scottish to Canadian dictionary leads me to think the quarter lights are the plastic pieces you were trying to tint the other day. Cabrio doesn’t have them but my cabrio still leaks in the rear. Nigel
  2. Is the tire wearing evenly? My right rear is wearing on the inside but that is the side that the top looks like it leans in. I need to get the camber checked and shimmed if necessary. Nigel
  3. Pretty sure it is steveyfrac send him a pm I’m sure he would be quite happy to talk to you about it. Nigel
  4. No you have to undo a cap and the cartridge is inside. 1 1/16” will work also. Nigel
  5. No you have to undo a cap and the cartridge is inside. 1 1/16” will work also. Nigel
  6. I don’t know much about smart electric but if it was a Prius the first place I would check is the 12 volt battery. It controls the traction battery disconnect. Nigel
  7. We’ve bought both toilet paper and paper towels in the same trip with the smart. Not much room for other groceries though. Nigel
  8. and would be two places to start.
  9. They are prone to breaking front springs. Maybe a broken sway bar link? Nigel
  10. I have a hitch cam on my Volvo with a 7 inch screen in the dash and it was less than a hundred dollars so you don't have to spend a lot. No sense going "wireless" since you have to get power to the camera anyway. Ideally replace a license plate lamp with a camera for professional looking installation. Nigel
  11. I found this searching Fog Lights and might give you a little more info. If I get bored later this year maybe I'll start playing. Nigel
  12. Probably a preschooler would work as well.
  13. Willys Try this and see if it helps. I copied it from another forum and I’ve used it successfully. Nigel Posting pictures directly on this forum is difficult. Use the tool HERE . click on the link above and it will take you to the tool. You might want to place the tool link in your bookmarks or your browser bookmark bar for ease of access. Mine is in my bookmark bar so it is always on my screen. The tool allows you to move a picture into their facility, and it will then create a proper link to paste into your post. This embeds the actual image into the post. It automatically sizes the picture appropriately. Follow the directions of the tool. Once the tool creates the image link, simply copy it and paste it into your post where you want the picture to appear. To test this, you can go to the "Test" section fo the forum and create a test post....just scroll down to the bottom of all of the sections and you will see the "Test" section.