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  1. The scoop is probably gone. Glenn has been known to recycle 4 litre oil jugs and turning them into replacement scoops. We seem to lose them in the winter snow. Nigel
  2. Have a great trip Glenn. We will be about a week and a half behind you but only going as far west as Kelowna BC. Nigel
  3. When you press the unlock on the key do the doors unlock? If not maybe the battery in the fob is dead. Try the other fob if you have one. I am one of the few people that had a fob stop working for no apparent reason. Nigel
  4. cruise_carter This also can be the trigger connection on the starter solenoid. It is a push on connection that can get slightly loose and also get corroded. It is ugly to get to. Nigel
  5. Being a cabriolet maybe he doesn't lock doors. I don't, the top is worth more than anything I have inside. Nigel
  6. Do a google search for an automotive locksmith in your area and see if they can cut the new key of your old one. A local mechanic that specializes in Mercedes cars can probably teach your car to accept the new remote. Nigel
  7. No help here. I just noticed you screen name. Are you a RVer? My smart rides on the back of mine. Nigel
  8. The battery probably is toast but put a set of booster cables on it first and see if you get any lights. If you do and you don't without the cables either the battery is junk or the terminals are dirty. Nigel
  9. Chris The wastegate actuator will not move when just revving the engine. You will have to drive it to make enough boost to open it. But it may be stuck open so spray some penetrating lube on the pivot and use a pair of channel locks to rock the pivot back and forth until it springs back closed every time. If that doesn't fix your problem you probably have a boost leak in a hose or the intercooler. Do you have a scangauge to get your boost or map readings? Boost should peak around 16 psi or map near 210-220 kpa. Nigel
  10. I was fortunate enough to see Rick and Carey's combination with the old car in Tennessee a couple of weeks ago. It takes a special person to keep all that black clean and polished. The new car looks great. Nigel
  11. Yours is just fine There is a setting in your ScanGauge you choose either Boost or Map. On the Map setting you will see about 100 kpa at idle. Mine is setup the same as yours and when we use Glenn's gauge it shows similar numbers to Tolsen. Nigel
  12. I believe Blue Ox makes a baseplate for the 450. I don't recall seeing any towed behind motor homes but I'm sure it's been done. Nigel
  13. GetSmart It is probably best to click on smart142 's name and send him a private message. He might get himself in trouble promoting his business in the forum. He is usually a pretty busy guy and may not get back to you for a day or so. His phone numbers can also be found under the Service Options at the top of this page. Nigel