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  1. Also just looked at the picture again. The dashed line below the key symbol should show the odometer. Don’t know what’s up with that.
  2. Just in case you don’t know. Turn the key off, press the unlock on the fob and then try to start. The key symbol is to let you know the immobilizer is on. It will turn itself on automatically whenever the key is off for a period of time, maybe a minute or two. Nigel
  3. You only need an emulator if you either have a non functioning EGR or are trying to remove it from the engine compartment. If you are cleaning the EGR and reinstalling just rotate the cartridge 180 degrees and that will block the passage and keep the EGR clean. Seems to me someone here years ago used a Canadian nickel as a blocking plate. I think you will find the different methods pretty straight forward once you get into it. Nigel
  4. Answer this question. When you drive the car does it feel like it has no more power at full throttle than half or three quarters? That is how mine would behave before I put seals in my high pressure pump.
  5. Sounds similar to my problem about six years ago. I joined this thread at about post 74. Nigel
  6. Sorry just realized I never posted the resolution to my problem. New seals in the high pressure pump worked for me. Thanks dmoonen you were right on. Nigel
  7. I wasn’t suggesting turning them off. My thought was try activating them and see if the full lights come on like the other 451s that don’t have the LEDs. If that works unplug the LEDs and you’re done. Nigel
  8. Not all the 451s have the LEDs so it got me thinking. Willys just mentioned full headlights like we have on the 450. Follow the Evilution link for turning on the DRLs and see if it turns on the full lights for DRLs. On the 450 we have to move at about 5 mph and the lights come on automatic. If it works you save lots of money and aggravation. Nigel
  9. Probably the turn signal socket. I believe the turn signal lamp it too close to the headlight for the North American standard and that is why the turn signals were moved to the grill. You will notice a lot of late model North American vehicles shut off the headlight when signaling. Nigel
  10. Way cheaper than Flying Tiger. I think I would be looking for a pair of aftermarket led driving lamps and swapping them out if in fact yours need replacing. Nigel
  11. Try Fast Eddie at Flying Tiger. Nigel
  12. I always have a couple for the smoke detectors
  13. Both of these places are too far for a day trip for you. I’ve been to Dinosaur provincial park and suggest taking a tour while there. Next time we travel west Head-Smashed-In-Buffalo-Jump is on our to do list. Nigel
  14. The pump that is driven off the camshaft is the high pressure pump and is mechanical. The connector on it is used to shut off one third of the pump at low speed and it opens as more fuel is required. I don’t remember if it is normally closed or open but it will start and run in either position. Now if the electric pump in the tank (lift pump) is no supplying fuel to the high pressure pump the engine will not start. The most common cause for this in the diesel smart is a burnt connection at the sam. A lot of us have added relays for the electric pump and the low beam headlights to take the load off the tiny connectors at the sam. Here is a good thread to read about the issue. Nigel
  15. In the scangauge set up you can change pressure setting to psi or kpa. I think 220 kpa is the max I’ve seen on my gauge. 210 kpa is the equivalent to about 16 psi boost.
  16. Post number 9 from tolsen.
  17. MB Star Diagnostic tool. Just like the dealer uses. I don’t know much about them myself but you can get clones at a reasonable price. I’m sure someone will talk to you through private message and give you more information. Nigel
  18. In the back of my mind I seem to recall somebody here (maybe tolsen) said it was for petrol cars only on the Delphi. Nigel
  19. It is in the wiki section under 450.
  20. Good chance Glenn (smart142) would also have one. He is in London. Contact info under service options top of this page. Nigel
  21. They will be both coupes. He hasn’t had a cabriolet yet.
  22. Here is a tool from another forum I use you put your picture in and you get a code to copy and paste. That should work. Nigel