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  1. Correction - the 2016 Pure is now showing as $17300 for the base model. That looks better than the initial price at the launch. Sales may pick up.
  2. At $22000 for a base model I think there is too much competition at that price. I like the new smart but at 2x the price of my pure and higher fuel consumption I doubt I'll see a new one in my driveway.
  3. I easily do 700 km when travelling. Gas stations along the highway in northern Ontario dictate when to fill up. 800 might be possible but risking running empty far away from anywhere.
  4. Smartnhappy, yukoner is a good contact and helpfull, thank you.
  5. I noticed several people say they take the us route. Whats the advantage? I've been taking hwy 11 or 17. At least to Winnipeg its shorter and less traffic.
  6. Actually, its a wrap. Don't remember who makes it but its cool.
  7. I've driven many miles (kms) of gravel roads over the years including crossing Iceland on the Springsandular (sp) road. My question is to how well the smart stands up to hours of shaking on gravel? I've driven a 40hp 61 VW beatle many miles on gravel and old logging roads. The ground clearence and suspension could take it but the engine would require re-tightening the starter, carb and fan shrowd about every 50 miles. The smart dosen't lend itself to that kind of roadside maintenance. Just wondering if anyone has experience with long drives on gravel in the smart?
  8. Yes, warmer and dryer. I've done the BC trip by bike. On the return I got into rain from Kimberly BC to Thunder Bay (3) days. Can't beat the vis trough the mountains on a bike though. Still I prefer the smart. How is it going through the mountains? How about long gravel roads? I'm planning on a trip to the Yukon next.
  9. I have a "14" Pure with the Canadian pkg. The low fuel consumption comes from gentle acceleration, sticking to the posted speed limits, and taking the northern route to skip the hills of the Superior coast. At least till Nipigon. On my last trip I gassed up just north of Toronto then got my next fillup in Timmins cause I was not sure I could make it to Kap.
  10. Hi from Mississauga, I got my red and silver smart about 18 months ago. Of the 23000 kms so far approximately 14000 kms have been on trips west. Last summer we went to Saskatoon, the year before was to Thunder Bay. Love the car and would go anywhere with it (at 4.2 like per 100 kms). I do my own oil changes, so far no other maintenance required. So far it's been more fun to travel with than the Harley I sold to get the smart. I carry more and weather doesn't slow me down.