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  1. I've got a Bilstein B8 shortened kit to combine with the Eibachs, and a Kiwi 2+ to mess around (or adjust) the boost!
  2. Somewhat related question: After the whole incident, my engine became noisier (and I suspect something up top). I took it to mercedes and the mechanic told me not worry about that that's nothing unusual for a diesel, but it's there and it wasn't as noisy before. I can hear mostly between 1700/2200 RPM, but not at idle or under load. Any tips? Suggestions? just ignore it?
  3. actually, the WG actuator is off the other way around: Overboosting just a little bit, triggering a fuel cut when I force the car over 3500rpm, uphill, over 80ish km/h (I'd say 80% or so) that persists until I stop and turn the car off. The mechanic told me to patiently turn the nuts to the right, 1/4 of turn at a time, Until I synchronize the boost with the fuel cut... Am I in the right track? Ah, he praised the flash, saying that the car pulls a lot at lower speeds, the way it should have been from the get go ( thanks, Eddie!)
  4. Ok, got back from Mercedes: Clutch fork was worn, actuator "sticky", slipping clutch: oil, calibration and relearn and it's done. The wastegate actuator is opening a little bit early ( my fault) and should be simple to calibrate. As the engine being noisy... 450 CDIs are "marbly", and I should just put some diesel cleaner additive and run around and it will clear out. Nothing to worry about. So, yeah, The car STILL exists.
  5. yep, you just described what happened to me. BTW, I drove like 2 minutes tops after that happened, and when the engine started burning oil I stopped. and got it towed. No oil light. but I was VERY low on oil ( the turbo vomited out lots of it on the floor via rebreather, and the inter-cooler was also quite full, we're talking ~400ml of oil total. Today I got the car to the highway for the first time after I adjusted (more or less) the wastegate. it's drivable, going past 100km/h (I didn't want to force it more, I'm still hesitant to do so), but the car is not...quite the same. and I have some faint noise (intermittent, and not loud, sounds kinda like a louder diesel knock, and only when under load, nothing while idling). I'm thinking about taking it to a mechanic, have the intake flushed, and the wastegate properly adjusted. How can I (or they) detect if I got something damaged internally? Again, it starts right away, as usual, and I never got a CEL (well, aside from when I was tuning the wastegate, that is) and still pulls as expected from Eddie's tune. I'm just...worried about this...noise. And yeah, fuck chinese CHRAs...
  6. Ok, my father was using some telepathic powers to diagnose my engine ( after all, he's in Brazil right now) and he told me that, since the entire intake was flooded by engine oil, it is possible that my loss of power is attributed to dirty injector tips/combustion chamber, and that I should flush the entire intake system. What should I do? Ah, and I also contacted the ebay seller, and they want to make sure that I bought the right turbo for the engine... Also, anyone happens to know any decent auto shop in Halifax? I'd like to have it checked ( compression, injectors, etc...)
  7. Ah, Also, I dont have a scangauge, I used an ODB scanner, a Cen-tech one if I'm not mistaken. It resets all codes that bring me any CEL. but aside from that, I don't see any codes. In that scanner, I can find the car model by the vin, so I believe it works for everything. Am I right? ah, and the missing pasrt of the turbo was just the tip of one vane. We're talking about 2-3mm big.
  8. OK. No codes, and I adjusted the wastegate actuator (the best I could). The car starts up normally, and pushes well under 3k. Above it, it gets a little bit rougher (the engine gets noisy (not much) and I feel that the car is not as healthy as it was before. I took the car to Mercedes and they said that's not worth trying to fix, and I should think about getting another car (and they haven't touched the car at all). (those assholes). One mechanic at Canadian Tire told me that's most likely all that oil that I've burned carbonized the combustion chamber/injectors. as far as running with low oil pressure, I stopped about one minute after the turbo snapped, and drove as slow as I could until I got someone to tow me. And no, I've installed the chinese turbo correctly ( to the best of my knowledge). The thing was noisy from the get go, but was spooling freely. The weird part is that It made noise ALSO when I was not accelerating (like old diesel trucks do). about one hour driving later, it started oscilating the rotation wildly until it snapped. My father (who fixes cars for fun) told me that probably one of the injectors (or more) are dirty due to the insane amount of oil that I've burnt and that is causing it to misbehave, and should get that checked. I almost sold the car to the scrap yard at least twice last week... I'm starting to get tired of all this...
  9. Ok. The chisese turbo shaft snapped. I lost one compressor vane (the engine sucked it). Reverted back to the original. Now the car kinda behaves like original in low speeds ( a tad slower), but on highways, it doesn't pass 80. Definitely not pushing the way it was. and sometimes I can hear a rattle. No check engine light, not burning oil (after burned A LOT because the split turbo flooded both the intercooler and the exhaust with oil...). What should I do? Also, the wastegate actuator needs adjusting, since I took the actuator out to replace the turbo and most likely messed with the calibration. Should I check the cylinders compression? who does that in Halifax? If I need to rebuild the engine, how much are we talking about? is it worth it?
  10. I got it already... I didn't know about Alibaba (never tried it before) and in my ignorance, I thought that, since the seller was based in US, it wouldn't necessarily be a chinese part. and I was wrong. Now i need to find a place for me to stop and replace it... (I'm in Halifax, and live in an apartment, so no garage)
  11. hey, Bessy, do you still have that scangauge for sale?

  12. Hi! it's my turn to put some chinese ( ) core into it... I replaced the intercooler, but the turbo still whines weirdly, the car is not quite as fast ( I have eddy's flashing mine) and the fuel consumption is around 5l/100km... let's see if this is the only problem left to fix after my disastrous cross-Canada trip...
  13. Try and get a pair of B8s. these guys might have them...