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  1. And thank you for the link. Unfortunately those are all over 1000km away
  2. Customer service told me there isn't a restriction. Smart move told me there's a 400km restriction. "Towing Service. In the event of a mechanical breakdown, if attempts to make your vehicle safely operable at roadside have been unsuccessful, towing service will be provided free of charge to the nearest authorized smart dealer in Canada, up to a maximum of 400km. Please remember to contact your servicing dealer to advise them of your breakdown and to discuss and/or authorize the necessary repairs."
  3. So I bought my 2013 for two a year ago. It had 5,000km on it. The dealer said it was the demo model. It's still under warentee. My transmission has gone bad on me twice. The first time I coulmt ge past 2nd gear, the second time I could only get it in 1st, 3rd, and 5th. Both times I couldn't turn it back on once I turned it off. I got the three bars on the display. The day after having it towed to the closest mechanic, I was able to start it. They said they couldn't replicate the problem but it existed as soon as I drove away. I'm assuming there's something wrong wth my transmission.. Although the dealer assured me that any mechanic could work on it (although having hem do so would void the warentee) it turns out none in my town will (tried a couple i dependant ones, Ford, Toyota, and Canadian Tire). They say they don't have the tools and won't touch it. Even though it's under warentee, roadside assistance says I will have to pay 2,000$ to have it towed to the nearest Mercedes dealership to have any work done. Does anyone know of a mechanic in northern BC that would have the tools to work on this? I'm about 4hrs Northwest of Prince George. Does anyone know what tools a mechanic would need to work on my transmission? I love my car, but at this point it looks like I'm going to have to take a $2000 loss for towing and sell it. :'(