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  1. Maybe the west coast arrivals are coming from China while Ontario being more bilingual gets the French versions?
  2. Lower the range and sink the ship. Sounds about right? Goodbye Smarts. Worse range is not in Vogue!
  3. I'm sure it will be worth the wait and look forward to your impressions.
  4. Last weekend the Toronto Star had a nice section in 5he Wheels part about current ED vehicles in Canada and sadly our Smart wasn't there. Lousy timing for sure but points out the hurdles MB faces with product acceptance.
  5. I wonder how many friends are coming with it?
  6. Happy Canada Day everyone. EV's too if there are any new ones here, or anywhere in Canada
  7. What does that mean? Release to build? Or deliver, or order from dealer?
  8. Electric vehicles continue to become more and more popular. Volvo has just let loose Polestar to produce vehicles aimed at Tesla and BMW I and on CTV last night two pickup trucks were shown - one called the Workhorse that has 5,000 orders and will be built in the US and then the Bison that will be made in Canada. Not sure by who, but working models were shown. Then looking back at last year MB indicated they would roll out their EQ line of cars and showed a SUV model at Paris. Builds would take place in Bremen, Germany and three different models were mentioned. They already have the B class, which we don't get and no mention was ever made about our Smart cars. Perhaps the labour issues by France have changed things. Unions were all very unhappy including those at the Smart plant. Smart might just be phased out. Sad if true because it is a great little car as most of us here know.
  9. I'm inclined to agree with you. It has been out in Europe for what seems like ages and replacing the 453 over the 451 we had is not that difficult. Something is going on that is causing this delay.
  10. Well that's good. Now a few pictures would be nice.😚
  11. To Bolt or not to bolt. Seems like we are due for an update of a recent owner? Steveyfrac are you ok?
  12. Pictures and driving impressions will interest many. Enjoy!
  13. Oh what fun we have trying to stay in the family. Ok I'm on a time out now, but want my Munchkin back. Now though my favorite colour is being scrapped? A monotone Hazel brown was my goal based on the Ice version I saw and drove. Oh well, black is still beautiful, right?
  14. Is there any ordering information out there at all yet? I keep looking but nothing I have found so far .Maybe some have learned something? I know I'm being silly but one can only hope until such time as MB wants us to know.
  15. Assuming they are still going to be arriving, what model year would it be? I'm thinking they would make them 2018s, but as a consumer we will be the last to know.. I hope they do arrive and stay in Canada. As a country we can benefit having them.