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  1. Okay so this problem went away for around a month, and now has returned worse than ever. I will check the hoses in a few minutes when i get the bumper off. I am going to dial down the boost a bit for extra measure. This car is frustrating.
  2. Would it be worth investing in a scan gauge, or is there another alternative to read the ECU? I don't think my HPtuners is compatible with the smart
  3. My 2005 CDI has had an overboots issue for sometime now. I have lubricated the waste gate, its not stuck, changed the hose coming off the waste gate as it was torn. Then continued to have an overboost due to a boost leak. Changed the coupler and bought new T-bolt clamps. The car now has no CEL, was working great for about 1000km and now has no power and no CEL. I noticed a fair amount of oil in intercooler and piping when i pulled it off. I checked the turbine and there is no shaft play. I am wondering what could be causing this. Also the EGR was deleted by the previous owner. Thanks!
  4. I have moved the wastegate, it will open with a fair amount of pressure but seems to still open. I read to spare it with graphite spray and i have. I will move the nuts over a bit tomorrow and see if that helps any. I will also continue to work the wastegate and make sure it is opening fully. Might be unrelated, I am getting a squealing noise from about 1800-2800 and goes away above that, not sure if its a belt or something else. Anything i should look at while i have it all apart tomorrow that may be related to this?
  5. I have read plenty of dead end threads on here around this issue. Recently pulled intercooler out and patched it, but have still been getting the P0238. The car revs over 3000rpm, really struggles in 4-6th gear and loses a lot of speed on hills (don't think this is normal). There is oil in the hose from the turbo to the intercooler. I will be checking the turbine shortly to check for movement and shaft play. The wastage does move. To lower the pressure do i spin the nuts for the wastegate left or right?
  6. Bump. I need one ASAP. If you know anyone who has one please let them know. Thanks
  7. Hey, I am looking to buy the harness that goes from the SAM to the transmission with 4 connectors in good to mint condition, mine has previously been repaired and still is failing. Located in Ottawa, will pay shipping! Need one ASAP
  8. all of the wires look good and no rubbing through the harness anywhere. I have a bit more info after looking at it. While the engine is off with the key in ACC (one) the motor shifts into all gears well. Once engine is on the motor doesn't sound like its moving and the clutch grabs harsh.. At this point I'm leaning toward the battery because while we were working on the intercooler the interior lights must have been on which drained enough battery. Not entirely sure but its the best guess i have.
  9. 130,000km, just bought it recently, unsure about salt exposure. Looking into that post now. Thanks
  10. Hey again.... Thursday I pulled out the intercooler and applied some JB weld as it was leaking oil. Job didn't take all that long thanks to some posts on here. However, the next day my girlfriend went to drive it and the clutch was grabbing harshly and slipping/disengaging randomly. Yesterday I reset the battery, drove it and it didn't work well and at one point lost all gears, gear selection in dash went blank and I had to push it, I then shut the car off, waited, locked and unlocked the car and it work well last night as if nothing ever happened. Now this morning on her way to work it is doing it again. Any suggestions as to where to start? I've done a little searching but haven't found very much with the same symptoms.
  11. Car should be getting a full dot 4 fluid flush in the next week or so as it won't be taking any long trips for a while. Thanks again for the help. I currently planned to pull the leaking intercooler today and cleaning the EGR.. Well as i removed the intercooler and started looking for the EGR, it was not there.... Turns out my car has had an EGR delete and the intercooler has already been repaired. I went over the spots that have shown some wear but will need to replace it eventually. Now, what should i do about the EGR? leave it deleted or buy an EGR and reconnect it?
  12. Awesome, I will take a look. Thanks for your quick responses.
  13. On Monday my girlfriend was driving our Smart from Ottawa to guelph, when she reached Kitchener she had lost all brakes and the pedal went to the floor. She drove all the way back from guelph luckily late at night with no traffic without brakes. She woke up the next day attempting to drive to work to see if the brakes were still gone and they were and are still working 100%. I am looking to know what to look for. I have done some research and am thinking it is vacuum related. Thanks in advance.
  14. Wow, this community seems to be extremely helpful. Thanks to all who have commented and I appreciate it!
  15. Oh alright. It didn't have the feeling of oil and the service light was on, but I will be keeping an eye on it