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  1. Good Morning I am working on getting my 2013 cabriolet ready for 4 down towing. I installed a Blue Ox baseplate and now getting the lights wired. I would prefer not to tie into the car wiring but see there is an extra socket in the tail light assembly. Does anyone know why it is there and if it can be used for tow lights coming from the RV? Thanks in advance for the help Pam
  2. Good Morning I recently purchased a 2013 Smart Cabriolet to use as a tow vehicle. Fun to drive. First Smart car so have a question on the shifting. It is the automatic, darn like the stick that is available in Europe. When it shifts it drops about 1,000 RPM. Almost makes me carsick the way the it slows and then shifts and takes off again. Is this normal? Do all the Smart Cars shift like that? Thanks Pam