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  1. So I've had the dreaded overheat/burn issue with my N11-3 plug and am looking for a spare used plug with some of the loom to splice into my car until I can get time to solder in some wires for a permanent fix. Seems hard to find a supplier in Ontario that has any replacements in stock.
  2. anyone have the torque info for the bolt that holds the lower arms of the tie bar. I'm checking this next
  3. Nope. I changed the front bearing last year and everything went smoothly and quiet. I've parked it for now as it started to sound like the wheel was going to come off when i hit 60kms.
  4. No change of noise when I turn right or left. I just put on a new set of summenr tires on some Schmidt rims and so far its a bit quiter but still some noise. I wonder if I should try changing out the drive shaft? I also noticed that the front winter tires have worn out pretty badly after 3,500kms even though they were brand new when put on in October. Car drives straight and doesn't move around even if I let go of the wheel. Can this be the "normal" wear sympton that MB told me about or is it time to do ball joints? Car is just at 101,000km
  5. Hello, Just changed the rear wheel bearing and now I have more humming noise then ever coming from the rear. Only happens from 60-100kms and I'm wondering if its something other then the bearing. The tires are new as I changed over to new summers. Double checked my tourque specs and everything seems to check out.
  6. Looking to purchase a set of Lorinser Speedy rims for a 2006 Smart Fortwo. Decent rubber on them would be a plus but just rims is fine. I'm located in Brampton but can make arrangements for pickup across Canada.
  7. Looks like we may have just made the most expensive load of laundry ever. Managed to pull the key out after about 10 minutes and dry it out with a bowl of rice. Key worked all day and night until we were out for groceries this morning and the key wouldn't open the door. Managed to enter in through the hatch and the key allowed me to start the car. The it started to lock and lock at will. Changed the battery over but that seemed to have no effect. The lights only flash 3 times so I'm wondering if the key just needs some programming to re-teach the buttons their job.
  8. BRAND NEW Smart Fortwo REAR window STRUTS LIFTS l OEM NO :A4519880004 , 4519880004 Meant to order ones for a 2006 model but they sent these instead. 1 of the clips that locks in is now straight but you can use one of the originals when replacing. Looking for $40 + free shipping through UPS
  9. Thanks everyone. Welding aluminum is a pain and creates an awesome smoke show that i see daily at work so cutting and attaching an adapter is my choice. I'll post once done to show my over the top shifter knob.
  10. Hello, I've been the happy owner of a 2006 Smart Fortwo Pure CDi for the past month but wanted to change up the shifter knob to something fun. My car is a super base model with no Automatic button so I wanted to know if it was able to cut the gear stick and weld on a threaded bolt so I could put on several aftermarket models. I know that there are many electrical components and board in the shifter unit and did not want to take the chance and fry anything by welding. Has anyone done or tried this before?
  11. Yeah. I left the key in my pocket on a night out and the unlock button must have been pressed an drained the battery. I have put in a brand new battery but the car still does the 9 flashes. It lets me start the car but I Can't unlock or lock the doors.
  12. I just came back from Mercedes at Heartland in Mississauga and they wouldn't even bother trying to reprogram my spare key. They wanted me to buy a new one at $170(for the board only) and then have it flashed. I think mine is fine as it unlocks the doors but does the 9 light flash when I try and turn the car on. Looking for local help before committing to a second key as Kent&Alex is doing.