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  1. Pinging this one again since it's been months since the first post. Thanks to anyone that can help. BTW - If you know of anyone with a car they are parting, please let me know too! It's MB part number 0022405V001000000 and is the catch attached to the roof and NOT the part attached to the B post. Mine has a broken release lever. Thanks! -JR-
  2. I wanted to feedback to the group that the issue was isolated to the shift selector switch in the vehicle. Just had to clean it up a little bit and no more issues!
  3. Thanks Ed, didn't find this post easily. Maybe I need to add clutch arm check to my list of checks.
  4. While the weather has been getting colder, I've been getting more and more frequent three bar alarm notifications ONLY while manually shifting. When it's in auto it never happens and the car always continues to operate normally even with the alarm message. Toggling between manual / auto or manually shifting again will sometimes clear the alarm. I've inspected the wiring harness and haven't observed any clutch issues to date. I'm suspecting an alignment or sensor issue. Ideas / suggestions?
  5. Built a custom Samsung phone mount to replace the old IPOD one. My mount also tied into the radio and power to charge the phone and play music.
  6. Also found I can put together a Star machine clone for around $400. Still a little steep for the few tasks I want to do. Still interested in anyone else in the lower Vancouver Island area that might want to share the cost of ownership on one.
  7. It's MB part number 0022405V001000000 (item 106 in the link) and is the catch attached to the roof and NOT the part attached to the B post. Mine has a broken release lever. Thanks! -JR-
  8. Reassembled the motor, put it back in the car and made it come alive again. My first Smart car is almost ready for the road.
  9. Thanks guys. Anyone on Vancouver Island with a Star machine?
  10. Bingo, thanks! In the event the link goes bad in the future... Here are the figures attached.
  11. Looking to buy an ODB tool for my 450 Smart. I want to: - read / reset codes - enable the tach - Read / load new ECU map files The Galletto seems to be popular but I'm not sure if I can enable the tach with it. Might be something that can only be done with a Star computer? Thanks for all your feedback in advance.
  12. Does anyone have a list of the CDI engine bolt torque settings? I found head bolt torque settings in another post but looking for... Valve Cover Timing chain covers Oil Pan Connecting rod bearing caps Exhaust nuts Intake manifold bolts Thanks very much!
  13. Update. Found some details over a number of posts. Tach connects to the back of the instrument cluster but must be activated to send signal.
  14. Does anyone know of a forum post that covers a tach retrofit? I've searched but not found. I've got a tach now, but don't know where to plug it in.
  15. Hmm thanks Francesco. I'll have to ask the dealership when I'm down there next week about the car. It was originally sold at the one local to me. This car does have vinyl trimmed seats with leather center panels too. The dealer should have some details on it since they sold it. Thanks!