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  1. Just to keep you guys updated with the situation. Yesterday I went to my garage and worked on my car. I simulate a cluster change, and somehow in the first one all of the thinks start to worked except the gear display! I search every where, and I don't found any thing out of normal, since it need to be from the cluster, I simulate the change again (always with the same cluster), and for magic it all start to work just fine. So, now I have 5L countdown, exterior temperature in C and all other things work properly!
  2. So.... this is how it goes: I plug it in the Star System, I followed the steps, however in the end My star system has a few different thinks to setup. I set the *C instead of *F and program the 5L countdown.... Joy oh joy, it was so easy!!!! 10 seconds later I noticed that it don't has: Rev counter, Gear indication, engine temperature, fuel indication Oh but he is showing exterior temperature in *C now, so it was a good upgrade Since I did that in my lunch time I'll see if I can correct it this night! anyone know the solution for this? How I do I put the factory setup again in the cluster? is it possible to do so?
  3. Well, if you can help me from here and in the next year if you go see the TT in Isle Of Man, it's with a great pleasure I'll pay you 1 Pint or more
  4. For a pint that is cheap... unfortunately I'm from Portugal, so the trip to Banchory is not cheap. On top of that making all that Km in a smart is only for the brave people, not for me I hope I can get help from distance
  5. I know this tread is buried, however I have this problem in my 2002 Smart CDI. Since I have a star machine, but I dont know how to correct this problem, can every one help me? Cheers
  6. My name is Tiago I'm 32 years old, and I'm from Lisbon/Portugal I've a 2002 smart CDI, I bought it 2 months ago, had some troubles with it (caused by the previous owner). However I have a few mechanic knowledge, and I fix them. I'm very happy with him, despite a few minor things. I'm looking forward to learn with all guys from here. Cheers