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  1. How do these single wheel trailers respone when turning, if the wheel doesn't turn? Either the load is so light that it drags the tire into a turn or this is how you wear out a tire.
  2. If the ones I posted above appear to have the wheel that is unacceptable for highway I would assume the same for this VW setup. Unless the whitewall gives it the illusion of approval. So which one is your favourite so far?
  3. One more design feature to add to this concept. The ability to flip it up and drive with it until required! Now all I have to do is to devise a strap system to secure it to the Smart to keep it in place.
  4. I watched another video on this amazing swivel design! This is perhaps the best trailer design in the world to carry an electric scooter, motorcycle,or any size cargo that will fit on the platform! (weight constraints obviously apply) Apparently there is no one here in Ontario that I've been able to locate. Its a good think I'm a certified welder.
  5. The Blue Ox baseplates, that looks like it would be able to work, appears to come through the front grill and not under the spoiler as I was hoping it would. I suspect it is a modification to the Smart lower swing arms and not to the chassis
  6. Saw this years ago at a members photobucket page and was curious how exacty it was connected to the front of the Smart He sold his Smart and I do not believe he has been back to visit us since? I messaged him and perhaps he will reply. It looks like a clever way to tow a Smart. Just needs a safety chain to make it legal.
  7. Good morning


    Some time ago you had made (I think it was you) a tow bar for the smart car attaching to the undercarriage.

    If it was you or if you know how it is connected to the underside of the car I would be very grateful to know


    thank you



  8. Aha! I see the full moon has passed and you've come back to earth! Ha ha. I'm unable to translate the wiring diagram description in the pdf file. Would you be so kind? Thank you
  9. Yes, I believe that is what was said. ..."unless you have the equipment to code them". I did purchase the MB Star C3 with software last year but haven't needed to do so,as of yet. I'm not even sure if this will be able to code them?
  10. I thought I would clear this up for all you newbies out there. If you have to replace any one of these 4 components you will need to understand that they are coded together. You cannot replace one of them individuality unless you have the equipment to code them. Which is what MB uses should they require replacing. The downside or upside of this is that if the Dash module your replacing shows higher kilometers than your original one, then that is what your vehicle will end up with. Of coarse it works the other way around also.
  11. Found it on ebay. How am I doing so far, Doctor?
  12. Hey Tolsen I think I found the owners of these vehicles! Just a hunch
  13. I have laid 2 bikes on the roof of my 4 x 4 by removing the pedals and loosening the handle bar stem to lay flat. It works great and I believe it may have less wind resistant than standing upright. Similar idea of this surf board on the Smart