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  1. Who is the member that conveyed a profane tirade?
  2. Tolsen said cadillacman closed this posting/ He's not on the list here? Also noticed Leadwing has the title of President, why is that not listed? Only as a director?
  3. Apparently I'm only getting 'selective' emails sent to me. Nothing regarding the thread that has been closed on the 'one strap or two' Who does the emailing? It certainly cannot be automated unless a block has been set up.
  4. My apologies Mike T. I assumed it was the last person who commented as this was done before when I was discussing the Pro's and Cons of the Swivel wheel trailer Who are the members that have authority to close threads?
  5. The thread that has been closed by someone is mentioned here by dguy. Who closed it? and why?
  6. I'm not sure why Mike T. shut down the replies to this topic?As I would like to conclude for those of you who may be interested in this idea, that you cannot utilize the existing acme tow hook threads for this application. What I did was to remove the aluminum frame and drill through the threads with a 3/4" bit.( existing size is about 5/8") I then cut 2 stainless steel plates approximately 4" x 3/16" square with 4 holes drilled to align up with frame mounting. Lastly I welded a SS 3/4" nut to the plate. (this requires skilled welding) with SS wire and gas flux not flux core used by do it yourselfers. I have an industrial welder for this operation. This method is safer than attempting to use the existing tow hook threads as they are not suitable for this application. This is not intended to promote this swivel trailer but to only share what I made and believe was and still is an ingenious idea that was first used in the late 30's over 75 years ago!
  7. Sorry to say mine is working amazing! It is not meant as a joke.I can carry a fridge, a stove or even a recliner! It tracks beautiful on the highway and I have never been stopped in the 7 months I've been using it. (except for passerbys that have commented how brilliant it is! Like everything in life somethings don't appeal to everyone and somethings do. Like tattoos for example. You can either love them or hate them. I personally don't like them but its subjectionable. Just like asking someone what is the best color in the world. There is no correct answer! The attached photo is with a cage around the swivel trailer,which is detachable and it was for carrying boxes
  8. What!!! Stupid swivel contraption. How dare you! This is a brilliant piece of engineering obviously way before your time. It will never jack knife like a trailer would , backing up is as easy as you normally would. The size is a third of a trailer and doesn't require a $600 trailer hitch. The cost to connect this to your vehicle is pennies on the dollar compared to a trailer hitch.Only if you have the skills. Also there are NO legal hitches out there for 05-06 Smarts. Sure you can make one but it won't be MTO approved. The Swivel trailer has no special hitch it connects to a stengthend tow plate at the frame ofyour smart car. This video demonstrates the ease of operation.
  9. That doesn't make any sense regarding higher differential pressure. By restricting the flow from about 25mm opening to a 9mm opening you are creating a differential in pressure. You are contradicting yourself here Tolsen
  10. Perhaps you can make a video and upload it to Youtube for better analysis. Once uploaded post the link here.
  11. If everything is intact and there is no signs of overheating damage I can meet with you to connect my Multiplexer. It may reveal the problem
  12. Only because its your birthday!
  13. How do you know the injector spray pattern is excellent? Do you have a glass chamber with each injector inserted to view the pattern? Unless you swap all perfectly good working injectors from another motor you can't be certain. What was the situation before this happened? Were you driving it and then failed? Has it been sitting for a while? How many km? Who's been working on this before? Dealer or someone fiddling with it? Is the Alternator running freely?