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  1. Look where I found Jesus...its a miracle!!
  2. the next time you need to fart in public say this....
  3. You can get a free phone with a 2 year contract with unlimited in and outbound calling which includes free Canada wide calling, texting, and their exclusive Wi-Fi calling, 2 GB of data for only $40/mth.or for $50/mth 5GB's of Data. I'm sure other providers can do better if your happy with limited coverage and slower internet speeds but when comparing service here in Toronto this one outplays them all. So far that is!
  4. I'm not advertising this or at this moment have subscribed to Freedom until the end of Feb when my contract will expired with Rogers. Having been with them when they took over Cantel ( anyone remember this carrier) For so many years I've been paying more than I wanted and now finally a carrier that is kicking butt here. Just thought I would share this with us Canadians that are somewhat disappointed in the high fee's by some of the common carriers here. A few of my friend are all ready on board and enjoying the high LTE speeds. The best thing is that if you go over your usage you will still get service at no extra charge except they throttle back your speed. Also to make it even better you get coverage when on the subway! Unlike the other extortionists out there that charge deeply.
  5. why would you pick some obscure site like Mega when you could have used one of the more common ones like dropbox or google drive?
  6. Went to this site on 2 separate intervals and at both times it locked up my computer before the download was complete. Didn't get a chance to open the file. Had to unplug from the 120v wall outlet to restart the computer. Never happens any other time. What do you suppose that means?
  7. Hey LooseLugnuts...This link you sent me has a major virus in it. I would suggest before you spread it around to try it out! try should be the wow wurth i hope it works because it took all night to upload!R7oTVawC!NQf0tfMKQqdvn976hDVYO9m1YkvLNKtaTBq6e3kz190
  8. Which means...why replace the entire pump when the o ring is the culprit . Which brings me to a story about my hydraulic floor jack. I've had this floor jack for over 10 years and I been using it outside in my yard all this time.Until recently it started to lose oil and wouldn't pump up. When I removed the plunger piston shaft (the steel rod that pressurizes the pump) I noticed it appeared worn. And rightly so, considering the environment I put it through. So I decided to clean it up and reinsert it. Unfortunately the worn metal was no longer responding to the inner o ring seal inside the housing. Fortunately I have a mini lathe and decided to create a small groove in the piston shaft to accommodate a new improvised o ring and it worked! So the lesson here is just because it was never manufactured with an o ring on the shaft doesn't mean you can't improvise a design.
  9. You can upload to anyone of these 18 Free cloud services. Just make the file public after uploading it and post the link here.
  10. After going to this link and waiting 2 mins for the download to start it says it will only take 14- 17 hours to download this 2.5 gb file! I think I would rather pay the $7 for it on ebay than take the chance of picking up a virus through this method.
  11. Disregard the previous post. I was surprised to find it on ebay.
  12. I did find this though, . .
  13. Nothing at PB for Delphi DS150E or WOW WURTH ? Any suggestions?