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  1. Can anyone confirm the type of coolant to top up a 2008 451 ? The top one below only states diesel, while the pre-mix one below states either gas or diesel...any tips? Canadian Tire has this : OEM Concentrated Premium Anti-Freeze Euro Diesel Coolant is vehicle specific Recommended for BMW, Jaguar, Mercedes-Benz, Mini, Smart and Volvo vehicles Low silicate, nitrite, amine and phosphate (NAP) free Service life up to 250,000 km or 5 years Concentrated formula Size: 3.78 L Or Designed for use in specific vehicle-makes Recommended for BMW, Jaguar, Mercedes-Benz, Mini, Smart and Volvo vehicles Low silicate OAT formulation Nitrite, amine and phosphate free Recommended change interval: Up to 250,000 km or 5 years service protection 50/50 pre-mixed, ready-to-use coolant May also be used in gasoline or diesel engines
  2. should i go with a power flush or just a drain and refill? i'm worried about causing a leak with the power flush, what's the typical pressure used for one?
  3. Hey there, this link seems to be broken or leading to a missing page, is there an up-to-date list?
  4. Hey Everyone I'm looking to change my spark plugs but a concerned I will need to replace the 10mm bolts that hold the coils down. Had a look today and the 10mm socket/wrench didn't quite fit on there and it is pretty rusty. Doesn't anyone know the part number or can link a to a parts diagram of the engine? 2008 451. Thank you
  5. Awesome, thank you FlossyTheSmart Great atmosphere in this forum, glad we made the Smart choice.
  6. Thanks for the replies/info. I didn't think of the brakes because well we weren't really using them but duhh if it's stuck on then you don't need to be pressing the pedal. Does anyone have a favourite Smart car mechanic around Hamilton, ON with great customer service?
  7. Hey Everyone After about 40 minutes on the highway (going 110kmph), noticed a couple squeals and when parked I felt significant heat coming from the front passenger wheel. All others seemed cool/fine. Left the car sitting for 20min and then drove home the same distance but stayed under 90, mostly at 80 though. Now all wheels seemed cool/fine. Any ideas? I'm thinking the wheel bearing might be going or gone? But would a 30kmph reduction make that much of a difference? Are there any part suppliers in Canada for Smart cars (other than dealers)? I was quoted something around $200 for an oil change at MB Burlington (however they said the oil changes are every 15000km) so I'm a little worried how much they'd charge for this repair. Also, how do you tell the difference between pure, passion, etc? I think we have the pure as it is pretty basic, was used as a company car, lady we bought it from had it for 4 years and now we've had it for a few months. Looks like all maintenance was done by MB dealerships up to this point. Just joined the clubsmartcar, I have read some of the older threads but am wondering if there is any newer information about these cars now... Thanks for any help you can offer.