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  1. Willys thank you. I do drive over 3000rpm on highway. Ill get a few bucks and get that scangaugell Im sure there is nothing wrong and its still good milage thanks once again
  2. Hello. Car is a 2006 450 cdi Had my smart about 2 months. Getting around 61mpg in town. Its got the 22 liter fuel tank. Gauge comes down alot sooner on the highway. Keep in mind fuel filtee got change week after i got it and maintenence up to date suposedly. Getting 45mpg on highway. At 120kms mostly. Big difference when driving in town at 61mpg Any body able to tell me if its normal??
  3. 09 pulsating brake pedal. Feels like abs going on all the time. Pads and rotors are all excellent. People online are saying its a Reluctor ring. What is that
  4. I got same problem but can someone tell me what a reluctor ring is
  5. Just not working. I was talking about the -# flashing on start up
  6. Hello was wondering if anybody knows how to reset the - numbers in dash on start up? Mine is a 2009 gas