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  1. I have been a long fan of the smart since 2008. I finally got a CPO 2014 electric drive a couple weeks ago. It's a fun little car. I wish they had smart car gatherings like they did back in 2008-2010. This little car gets a lot of attention at most places I go. I have a 1 car garage and I'm able to fit two cars in there by having the smart.
  2. Does anyone know where to get the decal that's on the door of this car? I've seen many smart ED's with those decals, but mine did not come with them on the door. I've looked on eBay, Amazon and all over the web and can't find out where you get them.
  3. How can an alternator for such a cheap little car cost $700?!?!?! That's HIGHWAY ROBBERY!!!!
  4. I use an extension cord for mine. I always charge in 8 amps. If I charge in 12, the extension cord gets too warm. I don't want to put too much of a load on it. I usually leave the car charging until it gets to 100%. I drive my other car and when I get home from work, I unplug the smart and use it for the remainder of the day's driving. This is my extra vehicle.
  5. +1 You and me both brother...no battery degradation, and thrashed daily for 2 years. Man, that is VERY, VERY good news to hear!!!!! If the smarts are having this good luck, why do I read lots of horror stories for 2011 and 2012 Nissan Leaf owners?
  6. I'm like Darren. I can't see myself getting another gas car. I have 3 cars now. I try to use the ED whenever possible and try to keep the usage to the gas cars to a minimum. Anytime I go out with the wife to dinner or to run errands, I always take the ED. I wish solar panels and batteries would be cheap enough so I could build a 240V charging station for the back yard. If they could just get all fo the parts to be less than $2,000, I'd be set! Every time I drive this car, I feel like I turn into an instant A-List celebrity. Every place I go people are watching, especially with this color combination. I really get looks when driving down the expressway. LOTS of heads turn as if they were looking at Tom Cruise or some other famous celebrity driving a vehicle. You don't get that in any other vehicle.