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  1. Any word on where the Cabrios are? 'In time for summer' is running out ...
  2. Well, checked in with Mercedes Burlington ... still no word. DM'ed the Smart Canada Twitter account, they said 'at some point in the summer' ... anyone got any more promising news?
  3. I reached out to and they said in time for summer ... so hopefully some concrete news about ordering in May!
  4. Anyone heard anything lately? It's been unusually quiet ...
  5. I'm dealing with M-B Burlington ... they can build cabrio on their system but have no prices or release date yet ...
  6. Q3? Argh! All the news articles I've found (and talking to my dealer Rep) pointed to the assumption it was coming out Q2. Any word from your contact?
  7. Anyone heard anything new? My dealership can build them on their system but not order them or give prices ...
  8. Hi folks, I originally had a 2005 Cabrio, but I've been Smartless for 8 years. It looks like I can fix that problem, but my dealership has no idea when the 2016 Cabrio is being launched ... any ideas? Thanks!