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  1. For me, it works 95% of the time. I am so used to getting a "fully charged" message every night.
  2. Is the Smart ED built-in SIM 2G? As 2G is being phased out in some countries, will the MySmart App stop working one day?
  3. I don't think MB offers any extended warranty to Smart ED. BTW, some MB service centres are charging $152/hr. Ouch...
  4. Besides Faraday, there is another startup formed by ex-Telsa staff.
  5. Mine is about 6-7% off.
  6. I hope they at least put a faster charger in NA version. 3.3kwh charger isn't too useful when you charge at public charging stations. You can only go another 25km after 1 hour of charging. QC would be great.
  7. Did you trade in your ED?
  8. From MTO website.... Individuals and organizations who have purchased an EV and received a rebate can apply for the charging station rebate.
  9. If the car has been fully charged a few hours ago and it's still connected to the charging station, can I turn on the climate control on demand using the app? My problem is once the car is charged, the app does not talk to it anymore.
  10. I started to learn the limitations.... In my Nissan Leaf, I can customize the charging schedule based on the day of the week. The pre-conditioning is scheduled independently and can be activated anytime (connected to charger or not). I am disappointed that MB has not improved these useful features in the last few years. It does not sound like something complicated.
  11. Smart car is fun to drive due to its size and especially the short wheel base. After only a couple of days of driving it, I already realized smart cars do not get much respect from other fellow drivers on the road. Some wouldn't give you space and some would cut right in front of you like you don't exist at all. I guess it will take time to get used to it...
  12. EV Soul has a "solo" heating mode. No warm air will be blown to the passenger side when there is no passenger!
  13. I manually set up the charging schedule on the console (not using the app). I set the timed charging to 8:30am. I then plugged in the car at 4:40pm and it started charging right away!
  14. I have tried both the Smart app "My Smart" and EVAccess. The only time I get updates from the car is when it's being charged. Once it's charged up, it does not respond anymore. I tried to turn on the heat remotely but it lost the sync once the charging stopped. Is this a problem with my car or the Smart "server"?
  15. I'd love to have a heated steering wheel. Even at the lowest temperature setting, the air coming out from the vents is quite warm.