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  1. Yes, ebay filters are what I used for a long tume with no issues whatsoever.
  2. Hi folks, just want to make everyone aware that I have placed an ad in Kijiji with parts for sale. I apologize for the spam, but I don't know how else I can do this. I don't think anyone looks at the classifieds in the forum.
  3. Muffler is for 2006 cdi, yes. In excellent condition. If you give me an email I'll send you pics. Thanks, Dan
  4. Hi i can send you pics if you give me your email. I am presently in Florida, until april 1st. my email:
  5. Good complete engine for sale in St Catharines, Ontario. $500 or best offer. Also several other parts like used intercooler, good muffler. Etc
  6. Hi Willys, That same thing happened to me when I removed the seat, and turned on the ignition. I had no codes either, but once I reinstalled the seat and connectors, the DS150 was able to clear it. Your STAR will do it too, I'm sure. Check the connectors under the seat. Dan
  7. That tool is available on eBay. I have one to lend if you are close to st catharines. Dan
  8. Hi, I bought a brand new one locally here in St catharines for 165. It's from china, but works great for 2 years now. Very happy with it. If interested I xan give you the name. Dan
  9. I would consider selling mine when I return from Florida in April... it is on an engine stand right now.
  10. Hi again, Well, here is the scoop. I have a spares' car tranny, so I decided to put it in. Suspected the gear shift motor or sensor acting up, but couldnt get at the screws without lowering the subframe, and the clutch actuating lever had a hole in it, so may as well swap the tranny and be done with it, with the added benefit of a 70k younger clutch and tranny in the spare. I took my time, as this is my second car, and it was so warm all summer long, that I didnt feel much like working on it. First of all I figured out how to interpret the list of connector pins from Tolsen, and made my own list, which was easier for me to read. Laying the harness out on top of the engine bay made it a lot easier to check. Found all wires in excellent shape, no fraying, chaffing, protecting the wires with split wire loom from Princess Auto previously did its job well. I fixed the broken intercooler scoop as per Tolsen instructions, installed the freewheeling alternator pulley as also recommended by Tolsen. Also ordered 2 reluctor rings from the UK, I thought may as well replace them as long as the axles are out. Bought two axle seals from BM, again just in case. Really dont want to take it apart again soon. Put it all back together, and I have been driving it for 3 weeks and 1,500 kms without a single hickup, missed gear, or 3 bars. Oh I would like to express my gratitude to Tolsen for the extraordinary support he provides to this forum day in and day out!!!! Oh! I Just remembered: I didnt have to reteach the gears, although I had the clutch actuator out to grease it, and obviously a totally different complete tranny installed. I hope writing this report does not jinx me!!! Just thought you guys would like to know.
  11. Hi willys Where did you get the Star? I would like to get one myself. Sorry I cant help with your problem. What is your location? I am in st catharines. Dan
  12. Hello folks, I need some help, 2006 Smart diesel semi automatic tranny. It's hanging up between gears, started when shifting up from 3rd, but now it's doing it even out of 1st gear. No engine light, engine revs up freely and then 3 bars appear. Stop, turn off engine and restart OK afterwards. It's happening pretty well every time when trying to shift up from 1st now. Checked shifting motor, cleaned connectors, checked wires, everything checks OK. Any feedback is appreciated. Cheers, Dan
  13. No tangs or any other means of holding the sensor in the hole... Obviously the previous owner broke them off. Thanks for the input, Dan
  14. This is the second time my air temp sensor gets blown off its position when pushing a bit harder on a long uphill. I don't have a means of measuring the wastegate opening pressure. Should I adjust the wastegate to open sooner? Is this a symptom of a problem somewhere else?
  15. thanks for the responses. I tried aliexpress directly but got no response from either the vendor or aliexpress. tolsen recommends another DS150e, but I'm reluctant to buy the same. I wish I could try another Ds150e on my Smart without buying another one first... it doesn't work on my Civic either. My first use would be to also reset the airbag, I did the same, turned the key with the seat unplugged. Anyone in or near st. Catharines, Ontario? with a DS150? the problem with mine seems to be no communication established between the multiplexer and the OBDII in the car. My netbook (windows 7) talks well with the multiplexer. Cheers, Dan