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  1. It would be worth the investment in that unit if it is capable of doing everything MB does with the Star. Please let us know!!!!
  2. No tangs or any other means of holding the sensor in the hole... Obviously the previous owner broke them off. Thanks for the input, Dan
  3. This is the second time my air temp sensor gets blown off its position when pushing a bit harder on a long uphill. I don't have a means of measuring the wastegate opening pressure. Should I adjust the wastegate to open sooner? Is this a symptom of a problem somewhere else?
  4. thanks for the responses. I tried aliexpress directly but got no response from either the vendor or aliexpress. tolsen recommends another DS150e, but I'm reluctant to buy the same. I wish I could try another Ds150e on my Smart without buying another one first... it doesn't work on my Civic either. My first use would be to also reset the airbag, I did the same, turned the key with the seat unplugged. Anyone in or near st. Catharines, Ontario? with a DS150? the problem with mine seems to be no communication established between the multiplexer and the OBDII in the car. My netbook (windows 7) talks well with the multiplexer. Cheers, Dan
  5. Hi folks, First, I would like to give many thanks to Tolsen, who spent countless time trying to help me get my DS150E diagnostic tool working. It just won't talk to my 450. Finally at Tolsen's suggestion I tried the tool on my Honda Civic, with the same negative results. I tried to get a response from the Chinese vendor, to no avail. She doesn't even acknowledge my emails. So, I'm in the market for a medium priced tool that can do everything we need it to do: read and erase codes, including airbag, and adjust clutch and teach gears. I would be very happy if I can do all that for a price of around $200. There is a multitude of options to choose from in the marketplace, but I have no idea which one to choose. So, I am asking for people's experience with diagnostic tools, please. Cheers,
  6. Hi, Have you solved your problem? If you did, would you please post the solution? Sorry but I have no suggestions for you. Thanks Dan
  7. You can also install a blanking plate so it wont get plugged up anymore. Someone on ebay sells cheater plugs for the harness with the blanking plate, i believe from Poland.
  8. Hello Dave; I need to order 2 or your fork actuator caps, please pm me with details asap.
  9. Hi, Could you tell me which is the low pressure port? I see two ports in the front of my car, one on the driver side of the rad, and one on the passenger side of the rad.
  10. Hi tolsen, You were correct, i unchecked it now, and i am not going into demo mode any longer. Now i cannot establish communication. I have tried unplugging and restarting everything in various ways and sequences without success for about one hour, very frustrating i must say. Any suggestions? Thanks for your help.
  11. Hi Tolsen, Yes, I have selected the hardware, by clicking on each item on the screen. Do I need to do anything else in order to select the hardware or that's it? I'll try to post a picture of my screen. All I can do is go into the demo modes.
  12. Hi When I enter ISS it goes into ISS-Demo, is that correct? Then it runs the search, and I get "No system responded" in all of them. Any suggestions? Everything I try to do seems to go into Demo mode.
  13. Hello, I see the device tree, but I don't see any ECU's in it... there's a list of all the systems, with a red icon in front of them; when I click on one, it opens up a sub menu, and on and on. I'm really only interested in resetting the airbag light right now, so I was trying to right click on the "restraints" system, but it just comes up with "COLLAPSE ALL". Same when I right click on any of the other line items. All I seem to be able to do well is go into demo mode and run them. Can you provide more detailed instructions? I have my model, engine type, etc,all entered into the vehicle information screen already.
  14. Hello, Well, it wasn't easy, but I got everything connected to my Smart and recognized by the software. Now I can't figure out how to do anything with it. Where do I go?