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  1. I can get practically new struts and coil springs for the front from a 2005. Will the parts from the 2005 fit the 2006?
  2. Putting the feelers out for a clutch actuator. Hens teeth may be easier to locate, but worth a shot before ordering from over seas.
  3. More specific info. I had the car into my garage. In gear and attempting to pull need to give it more rpm to pull away. Start to pull away and perhaps 3-400 ft appears the clutch slips. Can continue to drive but slow to engage and release. Sounding like the actuator is up for replacement. Now to source an actuator.....this will be fun....without taking a 2nd mortgage.
  4. I did have a chafed wire. Fixed that and things seemed to be good for a bit. Should have added the actuator was removed but I am thinking it was not marked and is not in the correct location for proper operation.
  5. I can get to go into gear, shows 1 in the display. I go to pull away and it lurches froward and stalls. I may be able to get it to go into gear, 1 in the display but possibly not. If it does if I give it, I can get the car rolling and away I go. Rough to shift and a delay of perhaps 2 seconds before picking up the next gear. It will lurch if I reverse as well. So from a stop the car lurches and more often then not, stalls. If it goes into gear after this it may go or it may not. If it does not, I get 0 in the display or it stays as 0 and you can hear what sounds like the car trying to find a gear or where it is at. Clutch actuator adjustment?
  6. I purchased it from a friend in Whycocomagh who purchased it from another Invernesser who picked it up at the auction in Halifax. Needs a bit of work on the suspension to make the ride a bit better. All original suspension. I have had it for 6 months and I clear love this little devil. I take it to Halifax regularly when I head that way for work.
  7. WMEAJ00F66J252751 Smart Fortwo CDI Coupe 2006, Cream/Grey. 170,000kms. It is in Inverness NS.
  8. I do not live in Halifax but certainly there enough with work. I am 4 hours away but I am certainly interested.