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  1. Does anyone know if I can put an aftermarket radio/soundsystem in my 2006 smart. The current one has no phone connection and I use the car for quoting jobs with work so I'm forever pulling over and returning calls... I have looked into a newer model smart wreck car with newer radio but there is nothing in Australia Thanks
  2. A big fat hello to all fellow SMART owners. I have been interested in the clown car now for many years but never thought I would own one, well a few thousand dollars later and I am now the proud owner of a 2006 Cabrio cream & black Smart car.... It took a bit of getting used to with the auto gearbox but now i tear around Adelaide like an Astin Martin sports car driver. I have always had interesting, rare & sometimes very distinct cars but this takes the cake.... I am yet to see another smart around my neck of the woods as I live 40kms south of Adelaide city but when I work in the city I see a few. Not so popular at all in australia which is a damn shame. I was told there was only 233 Cabrio in Australia and 3100 total smart cars imported from 2003- current.... I have never seen a tv ad for smart nor any kind of advertising so I can clearly see why they didn't fair so well... Even I thought they would be sluggish tinny little buzz boxes that couldn't keep up with traffic but I think my husbands toupe ' flew off the first drive we had..if u know how to drive the smart well they are very punchy indeed. I just blew a Subaru wrx off at the lights & left him for dead... Anyways I'm so impressed with the mini me that I am instantly looking for a newer model perhaps 2013 so that it has all the mod cons I need for work like Bluetooth stereo etc so it can be my daily drive....