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  1. It was way back somewhere, and the comment about directing heat to the footwell helping your success made me wonder even more. Hopefully with the computer interface you can find the witch!
  2. Soo jelous! Crazy world when the average person can 'print' out what the want. bon chance
  3. You are very sure that your battery is good now? Fail to comms could be related to undervoltage. When I want to verify my fuel delivery I crack an injector line (14mm) open a half a turn. Low pressure pump lets a drop or two out, high pressure squirts like a fresh fruit.
  4. I removed my wiper, and the drive shaft. In the ball joint that has failed there was enough room for a hole to be drilled and tapped and a bolt installed to retain the linkage. This after two years of ellastic band attempts this has fixed it good.
  5. Completly on board with this guy...Once my hose just blew off and it was very underpowered.
  6. Hey, I think you clogged the valve cleaner!
  7. My turn signal in the front was shorted to the running light and caused like you say... tick tick tick.So inside the connection to the orange lamp with two contacts were touching.Could be a lamp, a wire... Disable your DRL and see if it goes away.
  8. The opening was large. I didn't draw a vacuum but I shoved the goo in pretty far. It would have lasted but I didn't think to cut the shroud away so it sliced it's way through again.
  9. EGR and thermostat are original... Intercooler was patched with jb weld, but has failed again.
  10. 330,000km. Time to make an introduction. Replaced clutch module and actuator around 300,000km. $3000 Parts, Labour, Exhaust...Replaced rubber bushings in A-arms. 310,000km $100 parts.Starter replaced 320,000. $750 Part&LabourOriginal motor and turbo.Heading for 1,000,000 km!Brian
  11. What a cliff hanger......
  12. No.I doubt it.Wanna come take your door apart a few times for a set?Brian
  13. Balls. Sorry about that. What do you estimate failed? A relay?Back for sale again soon... Do you have a request for a change in circuit response? a detune of the safety threshold for your dogs snout seems to be the loudest. Happy all hollows eve to yous.