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  1. I like how this image shows you the parts being replaced
  2. Which seal kit is it from Bosch? The F01M101454 or the F01M100275?
  3. These one's for VW and Volvo looks similar. I wonder if their the same? https://www.ebay.ca/itm/ALTERNATOR-REGULATOR-BRUSHES-BRUSH-HOLDER-FOR-VOLKSWAGEN-JETTA-1-8L-1-9L-2L-2-8L/271221177959?hash=item3f260abe67:g:ENQAAOSwT6pVlKtQ&vxp=mtr https://www.ebay.ca/itm/Voltage-Regulator-Brush-Holder-for-Volvo-Audi-VW-OEM-9949583-Bosch-Alternators/331925103942?hash=item4d48472546:g:w-UAAOSwTZ1Xnumm&vxp=mtr https://www.ebay.ca/itm/NEW-HD-ALTERNATOR-REGULATOR-BRUSH-HOLDER-FOR-VOLVO-S80-XC90-2-9-2-9L-V6-Engine/253407284788?hash=item3b00404e34:g:YFgAAOSwRLZT~2iU&vxp=mtr
  4. Good price! Except shipping seems to be a little high. $120?? Or is that a gross mistake?
  5. I have no clue where this X26 is located in the SAM unit? This may make sense to someone who has opened the SAM up and traced the circuit but is totally useless to anyone else. Why would you post something so complicated when there is an easier method of explaining this?
  6. I switched from Rogers to FIDO in Feb of 2017 because Rogers wanted $50/mth for all the standard features with only 100mb of Data! Fido (which is owned by Rogers!) offered 1 GB of Data for the same amount so I switched. In the first month Fido claimed I had an over usage and charged me an extra $10. In the following month they claimed I used over 6 GB of data which was untrue and charged me $300!! When speaking with 3 different tech supports, trying to resolve this,I finally spoke to the last technician who agreed there was a problem with 'their' system and credited me that amount. After that ordeal I left Fido to go with CHATR also owned by Rogers. ( what a racket!) Chatr has a similar policy as Freedom where there is no over usage charges just throttle you back. At the end of this month I'm switching to Freedom!
  7. Thanks Mr. Tolsen. How would l know if it's working before installing? I read something about leak testing it but l wasn't clear on the method. Regards Richie
  8. Mr. Tilden Can you please tell me the MB part number for a 2005 or 2006 thermostat? You mentioned it wasn't that expensive compared to others. Or even a aftermarket one that has shown to be dependable. Thank you in advance and for the other readers of similar interest.
  9. Hi there, I'm still having the P0238 issue. I haven't had the chance to pull the rear panels off to adjust the waste gate rod. Maybe driving in limp mode will get me better mileage I usually push it to perform. Strange why it would clear itself after a few km's and restarts from sitting a while?. The engine light goes off and it's drivable again with no problems. I'm not sure how many km it takes to return the engine light and limp problem. I wonder why it would clear itself if it was out of adjustment or cracked hose. Shouldn't the engine light and limp mode continue?
  10. If crack hose gives overboost what is actually happening? Is it not enough pressure to retrack the actuator or to extend it?
  11. I would then assume the wastegate's purpose is to dump excessive air pressure out of the system via the exhaust manifold to maintain the correct turbo charge depending on the RPM's? If this is correct where is the boost pressure sensor located that would detect an overboost condition? Somewhere in the air duct to the intake port I pressume.
  12. Just so that I'm clear, 1. Air pressure is generated by the exhaust turbine which has another turbine attached to the same shaft that controls intake air that travels into the intake to create the turbo effect 2. At the same time some of the air travels into a passage way carried by the hose to a diaphram called the actuator which has a mtering rod controlling a valve called the wastegate. 3. It has fine adjustments that determine the volume of air to be exhausted through this valve, the waste gate. I think what GRP151 was referring to is lubricating oil for the turbine can accumulate from a worn turbine shaft may pollute the hose to the diaphram and restrict or change the actuators performance?
  13. What controls the boost pressure sensor? Pressure, vacuum, electrical? Do you have a picture please?
  14. I'm still having intermittent P0238 code problem. It goes into limp mode. After a short or long drive the engine light will come on, there is no consistant pattern that I can find, my OBDII scanner indicates this error code. Sometimes I will clear it with the scanner and it will run fine again other times I will shut off the motor, let it sit for a while, and the engine warning light will no longer display a problem, then it runs fine again. I cannot assume it is the waste gate adjustment or the wategate hose if it is intermittent. Why would it corrects itself or activate a code is confusing? Why would it go into limp mode? Either it is either broken or it isn't? What controls the wastegate actuator? Is it vacuum actuated or pressure? So many questions and no one to answer.
  15. Just curious. How did you have the injectors tested? and shouldn't diesel fuel be pissing out of the removed glow plug hole when you cranked the motor or when it ran for a few seconds?