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  1. Hello everyone. I purchased a 2008 Smart Fortwo that had a bad clutch actuator. The guy I bought it from towed it to my house. The actuator was a easy fix. The problem was when I tried to go for a test drive, the steering wheel was locked up. I noticed that the EPS button on the dash would not turn on when I press it. I checked all my fuses under the dash and all were ok. Is there another fuse box under the seat? Would the EPS lock the steering? Has anyone had this kind of problem? I bought this for my son for when he starts driving next year, but I'm ready to get rid of it. He begs me not to of course. I do all my own work and refuse to take it to a MB shop. Is there hope for this little one or do I have a lemon and cut my losses. Help me Obi Won Kenobi, your my only hope.