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  1. Huron Lad, not to sound disrespectful, but I hadn't come across the alternator issue anywhere. If you don't explain why I would have to disconnect the alternator, why would I suspect it. Thanks guys for explaining. I'll have a look.
  2. My car had been sitting for a while, and when I tried starting it, the starter turned very slowly. So I charged the battery overnight and tried again. No change. Took the battery in to be checked and it checks out good. Fully charged again and the starter still turns slowly. Put a good boost battery on as well, and still turns slowly. Has anyone seen a starter cause this?
  3. thanks guys, got it undone. Someone had really reefed it on. I did grease it up before installing the new one, and will probably look up the bearing numbers and rebuild the old one. Strangely enough, the two bolts holding the caliper carrier in place were not stock. One was a 13 mm head, and the other was a 5 sided nut that I had to use vicegrips on to remove. In 40 years of wrenching, that's something I've never come across. I think I'll get the proper ones and replace them
  4. Oh yeah, it's the left side. On some vehicles I have seen reversed threads on similar bolts, so I'm just wondering...
  5. Hi Guys, just replacing a front hub due to failed bearings. The question I have is whether the centre bolt is standard or reverse thread? I know it's torqued tight, but don't want to strip it off by going the wrong way.
  6. just rolled over 100,000km on my 450 cabrio. Bought it at 83000 last August. Been a blast so far. Only issue has been the clutch actuator. Found if I keep it lubed occasionally it's fine for a month or so.
  7. well, it's been working properly for a month or so, with only two incidents where it would indicate being in gear, and wouldn't start. Both times, shifting back and forth from neutral, and 1st seemed to get it working again. The weather doesn't seem to be a factor, nor does having the car hot or cold. The battery seems to be OK, it was changed a year or so ago. I guess I'll just keep my fingers crossed for the time being.
  8. I found this, but I'm hesitant to order. Has anyone else checked it out?
  9. shut down the car last night in neutral with e-brake on. Went out this morning and it wouldn't start. tried shifting etc and nothing changed, the indicator would flash for a few seconds after turning the key to start position. Checked on-line and found nothing useful. Battery is fairly new (by previous owners account), but when I hooked up a small power pack, the neutral light came on and it started. This is the first "cool" morning I have tried to start the car. Does this sound like just a weak battery or something else?
  10. Thanks, I saw that it was there about an hour ago when I entered the full VIN. Now I have to figure the proper names for the paint codes. Silver Tridon and charcoal plastics. I bought it in Guelph.
  11. Unfortunately I'm out of province for most of Sept, but would have liked to come to the event. Oh well, next year. The VIN is 175163. I will PM Uncle Glen when I'm back in town. I have a copy of Galetto and have ordered a cable. Just not sure what version of the MAP to use. Any threads I've seen so far are quite dated. Thanks guys, Paul
  12. Been looking at the early diesel models for years, but finally found a really nice 2005 cabriolet Passion last week. So far it has been great. I looked up the VIN on the database, but it isn't there. How do I enter the info? I've been going through the various forums, and it sounds like a remap is in order.