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  1. There was a Hayabusa Smartie at the event. I'd have pushed my car there to see that. I've watched video of one of them. What you call a real "sleeper". Jeff
  2. Can't make it now. My car is having braking problems. I'm taking it apart right now. Always little things with this little car. Jeff
  3. Wondering this myself. Don't want to just drive up to Bayfield only to miss everyone. Jeff
  4. Quick update. George of George's Garage found that someone had spliced in the front right turn signal light into the back right turn signal. Thus it turning on when braking. He fixed that. He also found that the relay on the SAM for the fuel pump was faulty so he just spliced in an external one to solve that. It seems this SAM has been taken apart before as it was missing the 3 torx screws. When I removed the SAM and opened it, I had also noticed this but didn't think much of it. When I cleaned the SAM as per Evilution's site, I didn't find any water problems but noticed the relay was broken. Only later did I find out what it was (heavy searching on the internets). Anyway, all the electrical problems now seem to be solved so, thanks George. I may now start enjoying driving my little beast. Jeff
  5. I hope to be there if George gets me my car back by then. Bit of a drive from Cambridge but it would be a good chance to give the car a workout. Jeff
  6. Nice. Thanks. I may have to go that route. However, I've contacted George of George's Garage (from the WIKI). I was contacted by Smart142 (whom I've also spoken to on the phone) and he recommended I check with George. So off it goes and we will see what's what. If needed, we can always check with SOS Diagnostics. They sound like a viable option if George says the SAM is DOA. Thanks everyone, Jeff
  7. Thus question 3. But my real question is question 1. Can anyone answer that. I can find someone who has a Star machine to fix the "syncing" of all the components. Jeff
  8. Just trust me on this, it's the sam unit that is faulty. We don't have enough space here to name all the things wrong. Fuel pump stays on after turning the key off (kills the battery), front right turn signal comes on with the back brake light (makes traffic crazy). The turn signal problem I have traced all the way back to the SAM. The relay for the pump is faulty and I really don't want to replace it. I also see where someone has tried to take the SAM completely apart and there is a crushed resister on the board. I bought this car used and am really starting to regret it. I've already done major repairs and am still having problems that all trace back to the SAM. sigh Jeff
  9. I seem to have a faulty SAM in my 2008 451. So I'm going to have to perform some elective surgery and transplant a SAM from another fortwo 451. I have several questions before I perform this delicate surgery. (1) Can I use a SAM from any 2008-2015 451? (2) Will I still have the same functionality or may I lose or add functionality. i.e. new SAM having the fog light relay etc. (3) I assume I will need the assistance of a specialist in performing this surgery. i.e. Someone who can reprogram the new SAM so my car doesn't reject it, my keys etc. (4) Anything else you can think of that will help the patient survive a long and happy life. Thanks in advance, Dr. Jeff
  10. My VW used to do the same thing. In the VW community, they called it he 109 problem because relay 109 was the culprit. I took the relay apart but couldn't see anything wrong. However I did notice that one of the plug in blades could wiggle a little bit. Under the microscope (ok, big magnifying glass) I could see the solder was broken (just a hair line and you couldn't see it with the bare eye). All I did was heat up my soldering gun and re-soldered the pin. Haven't had the problem since. Now, what does this have to do with the smart car?, I would check all the plug in blades on the SAM and make sure none of them wiggle at all. If they do, re-solder them. Hope this helps. Jeff