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  1. in the process of replacing my alternator. first time, and the car got me home. got my alternator, a bosh clone, brand new for $200
  2. I've had magnetic oil pan heaters for years that simply attach to the bottom of the oil pan when needed... can leave on for the winter, and remove when ever weather dictates...princess auto items
  3. I'm the third owner as of August 2016. Car all original with approx. 96000 km, good shape, MB maintained so no mods or much tlc. Solid car.
  4. Hello all...

     my first post about my first smart cdi.   Love the little car as it fits my property extremely well as an auxiliary vehicle.

      However on my first cold iced over condition this year I found the defrost can't make enough heat to melt ice on the windshield over the duration of a 17km drive .  Not at all...

       so found some information on winter heating here and really appreciate the information... will be continuing to read. 

      btw, the car is completely stock, 96K kms, cabrio .   Previous owner was second owner for only a few months and he wasn't  the diy type, so he bailed.  I am third owner and can do a lot of work on it ...have space and tools, a lift, welders, etc etc....what I don't or didn't have was knowledge of the car....thanks again.