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  1. That sounds doable, but the old stud was sheared off practically level with the frame (broke because of rust, I assume) - how do I get the piece of the old stud out? If it were anything but a car, I'd just drill it out, but I'm not sure if that'll work here? In the photo I took of my battery compartment, you can see where the clamp stud used to be, and the rusted end is still in the hole.
  2. Thank you everyone for your helpful suggestions - I'll look at it again tonight and see if I can see any corrosion around the SAM and/or engine bay, and also the alternator belt. I'll let you know what I find out - thanks again!!
  3. Here are pictures of the battery corrosion I mentioned
  4. Nope, car is not in limp mode - it gets up to 90km/hr.
  5. I take the car to SuperSmart - he used to work at Mercedes, and scanned the car using the MB software. It's possible that the alternator isn't of good quality, but he's been getting alternators from the same place for years, so I think it's fairly unlikely. Wouldn't a faulty alternator show up when the car is scanned? The corrosion on the battery, I agree. I'm going to try and find a replacement ground wire. The bracket will be a problem, though, because the bolt sheared off level with the frame, so short of drilling the broken piece out, I can't reattach the bracket. I'll go and try to take a picture to show what I mean. As for the SAM, I agree, it seems like a wiring problem. I'll look into it - maybe Evilution has instructions. The alternator belt: I can only assume that it's tight - SuperSmart is very good, and I can't see him missing something like that, especially after all the problems I've had with alternators over the past few years. However, I could try and check it, if it's not too difficult to access (clearly, I'm no mechanic! )
  6. I've been having a lot of problems with my '06 450 CDI Passion. The battery light keeps coming on after the engine has been idling for about 10 seconds, and never goes off again. I took it for servicing, and was told that the aftermarket stereo & amp were causing a drain - not true, because I've removed both from the car. Here are some more details: I'm on my THIRD alternator in 3 years (replaced 1 year ago, car has only been driveable for 3 months since!!) so I doubt it's the alternator Brand new Smart battery installed 3 weeks ago, driven once since (back from mechanic, battery light came on about 15 min into my trip home) The only issue I can see with the battery is that the bolt for the bracket that holds it down has been sheared off (see red box in photo), so the battery slides around a fair bit, and the bolt hole is very rusty (I wire brushed it). Also, the ground connection to the frame is rusty as well (see green box in photo), and I cannot remove the washer, so I'm not convinced that the ground has proper contact with the frame. No error codes Used multimeter, battery puts out about 13V (I think? I don't know much about electrical stuff) Last week when testing the battery with the multimeter, I turned the car off. Then tried to start again, and got the immobilizer key on dash. Pulled key, locked/unlocked doors, tried to start, got the immobilizer again. Repeat x3 before giving up. 2 days ago, I brought my portable power pack and jump-started the Smart, started fine, no battery light. Let it idle for 5 minutes before unhooking the jump cables. Battery light came on within 10 seconds of removing the jump cables. I can't find a parasitic draw anywhere (doesn't mean there isn't one, just that I can't find anything) All fuses good I've also been having an issue for over 2years with a drastic loss of power when on the highway. The car won't go more than 90km/hr, even in 6th gear. I used to keep it in 5th for maximum torque. Replaced turbo TWICE, did EGR valves, replaced clutch, transmission ok, and no error codes. Please help me figure this out! I've spent over $3,000 fixing this car in the past 1.5 years alone, and I'm not putting any more money into guesswork. If I can't figure this out, I have to get rid of the car. I'd like to keep it, but I'm out of ideas on what to check or do to figure out what's going on. **Photo from Evilution