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  1. Now that the snow is gone i can finally work on this thing! No crank but hopefully a good update tonight. Thanks for all the pictures guys! i think ill have some luck today.
  2. Not yet. I think i found the connector but it got dark and i had to retire for the evening. Hoping we get a clear day soon so i can try again.
  3. Jammed my hand in and I believe I found the wire. Above and to the right of the alternator if I'm looking into the wheel. Going to try and give this a shake.
  4. Alright. Finally a nice day. Wheel off wheel Arch removed. This is what I'm looking at. I found a wire that just seems to be hanging out. The last IMG....
  5. So i was working on the car a bit this weekend. With the wheel off and looking at the alternator should i be able to see the Starter or am i looking for just with my hand? It stated to rain right as I started so i didnt get much time.
  6. Thanks for the help guys! Hoping to try it tonight. I will report back!
  7. OK so I think im blind. I cannot find the starter when im looking down on the engine.
  8. So last year a bought a 2006 smart car, had a seized alternator. Thanks to the fine folks here I got it running and sold the car in the summer. Since than I have missed the smart car, so a few days ago I bought another! This one is a 2006 CDI, and it does not crank. I think this is caused by a bad solenoid connection on the started as I hear the Sam relay click but no cranking, Does anyone have a good photo of where this solenoid is so i can try jiggling the connection before i drop the motor in -10C weather! Thanks again to all the help this forum has given me!
  9. Does anyone know what each relay in the ebox is for. On evilution site they say the bottom relay is for the taillights, can anyone confirm this?
  10. Has anyone ever changed the relays on the board? They don't seem too expensive to buy and look easy to desolder and put new ones on. I'm having a hell of a time finding new eboxs.
  11. I'll have to check a few junk yards, I wish I could be sure before I bought one as I'll probably be wrong and I'll have the same issues with a new ebox lol
  12. Is there any one is Markham with a smart cdi with an ebox I can try, that's the only thing I can think that would cause these light issues but I have no way of trying a new one.
  13. I might have used the wrong word this is a diesel, I took that from Evilution site. Should pin 12 be empty?
  14. Had a look at the sam, I see that on N11-3 pin 12 ECU (MEG unit) is gone. and pin 9 now has two wires in it.