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  1. Can any one tell me what po600 means ? thanks for your help. Rick
  2. 06 had problem with egr. 110K Cleaned it out and good to go. Mean time I took out the batt. and charged it up . Load test. Good to go. Fire up the car and only have high on the heater blower motor. Every other spot is dead.Never gave me a problem before. Any idias ?Thanks for the help Rick
  3. Hello, Really need help with a problem. Just went through the EGR thing cleaned it up and it is running fine. Disconnected the battery to charge it up, and got a charge back reads low in the good part on a load test. After that all we have is high on the heater fan motor. Works fine on high and does not work at all on any other setting. Anyone know, or help. Thanks Already researched it cannot find an answer.
  4. Try dilectric grease all over all the plug ins. can't hurt.
  5. What is that fix that you used and how long has it been working? Love my smart BUTTTTT if it won't smart !  5000 k in or less with 10010 on an 06 with EDDY. Took out EGR . cleaned, Got blocking plate and putter fix from UK. Would not go over 70 k uphill and puked black smoke.Pulled out all the UK stuff and went for a run. Ran better at low peddel but still 70 k up hill with smoke.??? Can you help. still have 401 . Have a spair 05 .Any thoughts ? Thanks Rick

  6. Can I just use a wood doull or a chisel to move it to the closed spot ?