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  1. Hey I'm not sure if I have any hope but I'll ask the question anyways and maybe someone can help me out. So I have a 06 fortwo diesel and it is a parts only title but it still ran fine so I decided to convert it into a buggy or go-cart. And because I took of the doors and the roof from the convertible I thought I don't need the whole heater a/c system, and the dash, the headlights. And more parts that I wouldn't need.. And I thought I'd make the wiring as simple as possible and I cut off all the cables I didn't need. And I kept on checking if the car still started and it always did. And it took quite a while to start it every few seconds so I just left the ignition on for a few cables, I don't know which ones, anyways after those cables It didn't want to start anymore.. it just shows the line on the cluster.. maybe someone can tell me what system the car needs to start or how I would check what's missing
  2. Wasn't stuck, it came out half way by pulling the cable an th rest I pryed out really easily
  3. It wasn't too hard it just takes a long time to get screws/parts out in such a tight spot
  4. I took it out last Wednesday already when I ordered the sensor, it took me around an hour to take out,but I also took out the EGR valve and cleaned it abit. Today it took me probably 30 minutes to put in new one and assemble
  5. I got my sensor today installed it and the car works great again.
  6. I ordered a sensor from ebay should get it on the 25th I'll see how it goes. Thanks again
  7. The skills I believe I should have(have done a lot of work on 3 audis I've owned which are not always simple) don't know too much about smarts though... I'm guessing it would be accessible from the bottom?
  8. Did you ever find out what the problem was or fix it? I hae the same issue
  9. Thanks for the reply. I tried this wiggling the wires and fuse, they all look clean too. While I was driving this time the engine shut off and I had an obd scanner connected so I checked it and a code came that I didn't see before p0336 crankshaft positioning sensor "A" circuit range/preformance. Once I cleared it the car started again, but the second time it didn't start after I cleared it, but when I waited it started again. Any help is appreciated.
  10. I'll check that when I get home, but why would it start good sometimes? Also I forgot to say there is an engine code p0401
  11. Hi I just got a 06 fortwo diesel from and old guy I know, he just wanted to sell it because he had lots of money into it already and it still had a problem. He told me Everything is good only sometimes it stalls at a red light or stop sign, and also sometimes it doesn't start after that. Then when he waited for 10 mins it started perfectly again. It hasn't stalled since I got it but twice right after driving I shut the car off and then it would not start. It cranks and cranks but just doesn't start. Then after I waited a few mins it started back up. He brought it to Mercedes and a few grand later the problem was still there. The replace the fuel pump, the fuel filter, also the battery and maybe some more stuff but nothing changed anything. Does anyone have any idea what this could be or experienced something similar with their car? I thought of the egr could that be a problem if it is pluged up?