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  1. my smart is up and running it was the rod that stayed extended playing with the shifter retracted the rod and all i had to do is put it back in place. the problem was when it retracted it was'nt pushing on the clutch release arm so now thanks to you smart142 i will enjoy my inherited smart fortwo
  2. Maniwaki Québec Canada wayyy the hell out there loll
  3. I have inherited a smart fortwo 2006 and there was starting problem so thinking it could be because it did'nt recongnise the neutral position i went and took the actuator out, now that i have found the problem which was the small wire on the starter i tryed to put the actuator back in there but it seems like i have to push the pressure plate by hand the get the actuator in the place it was before. NOW my question is how do i get it back in neutral to put the actuator or is there an adjustement.??? I AM VERY FAR FROM A DEALER SO THIS FORUM IS MY BEST SHOT Thank you very much in advance Smartmedic