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  1. Thanks smart 142 and Lead wing, I really appreciate your help. I believe Troy Wilson Automotive is about an hour from my place so I might have to look him up. I also have a few codes that have popped up with in the week of having my little Smart, PO607 Control performance module and a P0238 Turbo charger high circuit. I am not really sure if the local Hyundai dealer were I bought my smart is able to do much! But since I have some warranty with them I will take it in and let them try!
  2. Thanks a lot smart 142. I will work on that this weekend. Hopefully that will correct the problem. Thanks again.
  3. Hello. I am noticing that my 2006 smart fortwo will not shift when the car is cold. Early morning I need to let it warm up before gear will engage, forward or reverse. I am curious if this is normal or some other problem. Once car is warm no problems. Thanks Dwayne
  4. Good afternoon Mike T. I thank you for taking your time to give me a little insight. I have never been overly interested in spending good money on extended warranties. I will take a look at the two above points. Thanks again. Dwayne
  5. Hello. I am new to the Smart community. I have just purchased a 2006 Smart fortwo. My Question is, is there any specific warranty I should purchase to avoid any extra expense within the upcoming year. The fortwo has 98,000 kn. Thank you for any pointers..