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  1. I ran 2 squirts of oil down cyl 1, pulled the injector. Turned it over and had more umph/compression but didn't fire. I took out all the injectors and swapped them around. I relubed each cylinder again. Noticeable difference again, but wouldn't fire. my instructor and i thought that it wasnt getting fuel, I cracked a union from the rail to an injector and got fuel shooting out when i turned the pump on. Kinda stumped now... Next step is to pull the glow plug from cyl #1 and test compression i guess? Note- It's warm in our shop and my instructor noted that the glow plug controller never worked.
  2. Thanks, I appreciate the replies. Going to listen to what Tolsen said and try that tomorrow. Still a learning process for me. Going to read that thread before bed. I've mostly been around diesel engines in semi trucks and tractor engine along with my own Mitsubishi pajero and VW tdi's. I will have to pull the engine again in the smart car because as they put it in last time they pinched the e brake cable and didn't correct that.
  3. Hi, I'm currently in my first year/foundations for heavy mechanical trades and I am working on a side project for my instructor. He picked up a 2005 smart for two diesel. It had died on the previous owners. The engine was pulled and inspected and it was found that a ring had seized. A full rebuild on the internals was done and put back together. It also needed an injector and a relay. So my instructor had the relay swapped out and got a new injector. Currently it won't start on its own, it can be started with ether but then dies. I can hear the fuel pump prime when i turn the ignition on, but when i turn it over the engine turns but i can hear a loud air pumping sound as if the system is only blowing air, kind of like a dry firing air only sound. Reminds me of a faster sound when i start up the big old IR compressor at the farm. I'm not really sure where to start or what to check first. I have used the search option. I'm thinking to crack the lines to each injector to check for fuel and pressure? Any help is appreciated. Thanks