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  1. So far I haven't filled it yet since getting the scanguage. As soon as this tanks empty I'll crunch the numbers!
  2. Hey guys, I bought a 2006 CDI passion as my daily commuter. We just moved outside the city and I drive about 50Km a day back and forth to work. We own a 2012 VW Touareg TDI that averages 8.5 L/100km, a 2016 Toyota Corolla S that gets 6.5 L/100km but I knew I could get better mileage and didn't want to put all this mileage on our vehicles. So...I did my research, debated between a golf TDI and a smart CDI and went with the Smart. The first thing I did was buy a Smartgauage II. So far I'm averaging 3.2 L/100km and that's with winter tires and still getting used to the vehicle. I'm looking to get that mileage down a bit. Definitely open to all suggestions and advice! Thanks!